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               3.  External Speaker

       * Weighted to Reduce Travel

       * Completely Self-contained

          (Less AC Power Source & External Speaker)**


  ** No external wall mount power source is supplied with this model.

      Please order model PS9V power supply separately.



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Models P1, P1BS, P4 & P5


The ULTRA LITE TOUCH PADDLE Keyer is simple and comfortable to use.

Unlike standard keys or paddles, there are no moving parts and no metal-to-metal contact

that create annoying clicking sounds.

An ultra lite touch to the paddles creates perfectly spaced dots and dashes with adjustable speeds from 5 to 50 WPM.


Unlike other touch paddles on the market, there are no serpentine paddles, or gizmos that make it work.

Paddles are solid gold-plated metal.

With an ultra soft touch, the ULTRA LITE TOUCH PADDLES exhibit a quick, smooth and positive code response.


The P1 TOUCH PADDLE KEYER is a complete paddle & electronic keyer utilizing a custom programmed PIC keyer chip.

Model P1 also comes standard with a paddle output jack, which bypasses the keyer chip,

for those wishing to use an external electronic keyer having different features,

yet still maintaining the comfort and performance of the touch paddles.

You have never experienced anything like it!


Supplied with all plugs

NOTE: The keyer output transistor circuit is designed to switch key input  of 13.8 Volts positive or less.

Do not attempt to use any CW Touch Keyer products with a vacuum tube transmitter

(either grid blocked or cathode keyed) without an appropriate output circuit.

Consider purchasing the “keyall” kit from Jackson Harbor Press for tube type keying.


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