Cw Touch Keyer 152x152CW Touch Keyer was created to help amateur radio enthusiasts. Our detailed articles and product reviews will help you grow from a radio novice to an expert.

We’ve been radio enthusiasts our entire lives. When I was a kid, my father would take us to the local park to fly around our RC helicopters. After we were done, we’d go home, sit in the living room, and listen to the local police scanner. At night, I’d bust out my two-way radio and talk to my friends when we were all supposed to be sleeping. Sorry Mom! Those were some of my fondest memories.

My passion for amateur radio has only grown from there. The product of all my experiences is this website, CW Touch Keyer.


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I’ve broken the site into two sections: articles that will help newbies get started and experts refine their craft, and buying guide reviews, so you know the best equipment to purchase.¬†Below you’ll see our 12 latest posts. Enjoy!