CW Touch Paddles – Model P1PAD

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No electronic keyer, paddles only.

Still using the old fashion, brass pounding, noise making mechanical paddle?


You could be sending code

with the 100% reliable


a Quiet, Smooth Touch.

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Bencher 1 P1pad A

Model P1PAD is a paddle only output and out performs any

mechanical dual paddle on the market.

It does not include the electronic keyer.

This model is ideal for use with any external positive keying, electronic keyer.

Internal 9 volt battery operated or 6 to +13.8 volt DC power source.  

Draws less that 2 ma of current.

Unit is weighted to prevent travel on desk top.

Directly replaces mechanical paddles. 

For use with external electronic keyers.

P1pad Back Panel

Supplied with 3.5mm paddle out plug and 2.1mm external power plug.