CW Touch Paddles – Model TT1

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The next generation of Morse code touch paddles has arrived.

  And it’s fun to use!!!


  Remember when you were first learning your Morse code

and you use tap the code on a desk top with your index finger and thumb?

Now you can send code that way.

Ultra Lite Touch – No pressure required     

No Tactile Switch

Zero Paddle Movement and NO Contacts

Self-Calibrating Capacitive Sensing

(does not require earth ground).

Highly Reliable!!!   Ideal for QRP rigs.

Powered by an internal 9 Volt battery and draws less than 2mA of current.

Perfect for desk top and portable operation.

Paddles do not rely on skin resistance. Paddles are not serpentined and are solid, gold-plated.

The model TT1 TOUCH TAPPER Paddle set is ideal for

CW enthusiast at any speed.