Advanced GQ EMF-390 3-in-1 EMF Meter Review

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The Advanced GQ EMF-390 is simply the upgraded version of the Advanced GQ EMF-380. It comes with pretty much the same features but they are considerably better than its cheaper version, which makes it a good choice for the more advanced users.

It looks very similar to the GQ EMF-380 though, with pretty much the same ergonomics and design.

But let’s find out how it can still be a better option for you depending on your needs below.

Advanced GQ EMF-390 Features

The GQ EMF-390 is simply a more capable device than the GQ EMF-380, and the small price difference may be worth it for many users.

The latter comes with an RF range of up to 8GHz, but the former boasts an RF range of up to 10GHz. The same goes for some of the other important features too.

Highly Versatile

The GQ EMF-390 is very versatile just like the EMF-380. It can be used on a huge variety of devices, and detect different types of radiation including EMF, EF, ELF and RF.

While just like the EMF-380, it shows all the information on just one screen, making it very convenient and easy to stay on top of the results without going back and forth on different screens.

Lot of Precious Insight

You will be surprised just how much harmful radiation is emitted from all the devices that surround us.

Ranging from a cell phone to your WIFI box to even a microwave, all of them give out radiation that can be very harmful. The EMF-390 will be a great way to find out which of your devices are the most dangerous so that you can keep them a few yards away from them and not sit too close to them.

In other words, this little EMF device can make your home a much safer place.

Advanced Gq Emf 390 3 In 1 Emf Meter ReviewWorks Well on Radio Devices

A particular user that has been in the radio tech industry since over 3 decades was all praise for the EMF-390 in their review.

You can be fairly certain that if you’re looking to get information about the EMF of different types of radio devices like a CB radio or a HAM radio, the EMF-390 will be right up your alley.


The EMF-390 is a great little device that works well on every single device that with EMF or emit radiation. The ease of use is great with the user not having to browse through different options to get the results they want.

The fact that the EMF-390 can get EF and ELF readings as well, adds to its overall versatility.

Unlike some of the other EMF devices in this price range, the EMF-390 also comes with a multi-channel spectrum analyzer which is a very handy additional feature.

The precision and accuracy may not be as good as the high-end professional EMF meters out there, but for home use you likely wouldn’t need anything better.

The EMF-390 also works with great accuracy for a wide range of radio devices including the ones like a handheld HAM radio and a long range two-way radio.


We wouldn’t like to blame the EMF-390 for things you shouldn’t expect in an EMF meter in this price range anyway, but we will talk about a particular issue some users have pointed out.

You need to point the EMF-390 directly at the device you’re testing in order to get a strong enough signal to get the reading. If you don’t, the signal will be an issue and the result may be inaccurate.

Some EMF meters can detect 360 degrees and do not have this issue, although they are mostly priced considerably higher and this is far from a major issue.

Great for the Price!

If you have a much higher budget or are after a professional grade EMF meter, you surely need to consider getting some other EMF meter designed to meet those kind of meets.

But if you do not have a lot to spend and are just looking for something to get a fairly accurate EMF and radiation information for all the devices you own – including the different types of radio devices if you’re a radio enthusiast – then the GQ EMF-390 would hit the spot perfectly for you.

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