ARRL Ham Radio License Manual Review

Using a radio can be a fun hobby, but if you want to become more serious, then you can start the process to become a licensed ham radio operator. This process can be relatively tedious, but if you’re prepared for it, then you shouldn’t have any trouble passing the test and getting approved for your license.

In this short article, we’re going to review the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual so that you can figure out whether or not it will help you get your ham radio license.

ARRL Ham Radio License Manual Features

This fourth edition of the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual is separated into smaller sections that are designed to make the info a lot more digestible. Designed to teach you everything that you need to know before you take the Technician Class license test, this book is a comprehensive guide for all aspiring ham radio operators.

The first section consists of a welcome to the hobby, and it provides an overview of what amateur radio is in the first place. It will also discuss the FCC, licensing, and why a license is necessary. After that, this chapter contains examples of activities you can perform on amateur radio and the process you have to go through to get your license.

The second chapter is all about the fundamentals of radio and signals, including the types of signals and waves, as well as the basics about radio equipment. After that, you have the chapter detailing electricity, circuits, and components, which discusses the fundamentals of electricity and radio circuits.

To further hammer home the technical details, the fourth chapter is filled with a guide to signal propagation, how antennas work, what feed lines and SWR are, as well as practical antenna systems. The fifth chapter moves on to discuss the equipment that is used by amateur radio operators.

Chapter six is all about communicating with other people over ham radio, and it talks about making contacts, using repeaters, making PSAs, and much more. While licensing was discussed earlier, chapter seven takes a more detailed look at it and goes over call signs, rules, and licensing terms.

The Arrl Ham Radio License Manual Spiral ReviewThe penultimate chapter is about operating regulations, and it discusses interference, identification, remote and automatic operation, and prohibited transmissions. Finally, the last chapter is about safety, including working with electricity safely, as well as managing RF exposure and interference.


One of the best things about this book is the organization, which makes it a lot more approachable, even if you’re just starting down the path to getting your license. The writing style is also helpful, and the author has a particular knack for educating the reader without being condescending.

Another thing that we appreciated was that this book is to the point. Instead of meandering through the world of ham radio, it gives a short introduction and then tells you everything that you’ll need to know to get your license.

The publishers of this book also ensure that it’s always up to date, and whenever testing requirements change, a new edition is released as soon as possible.


One of the things that may disappoint some readers is that this isn’t a complete guide to ham radio. This book is focused on the licensing process and the questions that are likely to be on the test. There are plenty of other books that can give you a more general overview of amateur radio communications, but this isn’t one of them.

We were also a little disappointed by the references which redirect you to the internet. You would figure that a book which promises to contain all of the info wouldn’t send you to the web to learn more.


Overall, this is one of the most helpful resources that you can use to prepare for your Technician Class license test. Despite a few flaws, this is still one of our favorite pieces of writing that have been published about the subject of becoming a licensed ham radio operator.

If you want to get this book so that you can start on the path to getting your license, then you can click the yellow button and you’ll be redirected to this book’s Amazon page, where you can order it. Thank you for reading through our review, and we wish you luck in getting your license.

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