5 Best Anytone AT-778UV Accessories (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The Anytone AT-778UV isn’t the best or the most Ham radio on the market, but it’s one of the most functional two way radios in the low price range. The value it offers for its cheap price tag is hard to beat.

But there are definitely some limitations as a cheap Chinese Ham radio, which you can get around pretty well if you get the right accessories for it.

So let us walk you through exactly the accessories you need to get to make your otherwise cheap Anytone AT-778UV a surprisingly functional mobile two way radio.

Best Anytone AT-778UV Accessories

Here are our Anytone AT-778UV accessory reviews.

1. Tram 1180

Tram 1180

If you’re looking for one of the biggest antennas on the market at a surprisingly cheap price, the Tram 1180 will turn out to be your best bet. It measures a surprisingly long 38 inches, but is priced cheaper than many antennas measuring 20 inches or less.

It’s dual band too, and delivers great readings. Some users mentioned they managed to get readings as good as around 1.1 without making any adjustments.

The power rating is 100 watts which is excellent and better than many antennas priced twice as high. It’s certainly a great value for money.


  • 38 inches antenna for a surprisingly cheap price
  • Delivers some of the best readings you will ever be able to achieve with an antenna
  • Power rating is an impressive 100 watts
  • Fairly durable


  • No magnetic base mount
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2. Authentic Genuine Nagoya UT-72

Authentic Genuine Nagoya Ut 72

The Authentic Genuine Nagoya UT-72 is probably the most popular Ham radio antennas out there. It’s a dual band antenna and supports up to 80 watts of power, easily covering the max power output for your Anytone AT-778UV.

It measures 19 inches in length so it isn’t the biggest antennas out there, but it still manages to deliver excellent readings. If you use an SWR meter you will easily be able to notice the significant improvement in your readings.

It works very well on both the bands, and is also very durable. The magnetic mount it comes with is pretty strong and durable too.


  • A great overall Ham radio antenna
  • Measures 19 inches only but delivers excellent readings
  • Supports up to 80 watts out power, which is more than enough for the Anytone AV-778UV
  • Sturdy and durable


  • The length is on the lower side, but it manages to be a great antenna all the same
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3. Anytone USB Programming Cable for AT-778UV

Anytone Usb Programming Cable For At 778uv

If you’re a beginner to Ham radios and looking to program your AT-778UV with ease, you can’t go wrong with this programming cable. It will save you a lot of trouble and the few bucks you will spend on it will be more than worth it.

A few users mentioned in their review how they were able to program their AT-778UV with CHIRP in like 5 minutes using this cable. It isn’t the longest cable you will find, but it serves the purpose well.

It’s also a plug and play cable, so you don’t need to make any adjustments or go through some complex process to make it work.


  • Makes programming your AT778-UV much easier and faster
  • Fairly cheap for the programming convenience it offers
  • Plug and play, no complex steps involved


  • The durability isn’t great but given you don’t need it to last for years it isn’t much of a concern
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4. Mcbazel Surecom SW-102

Mcbazel Surecom Sw 102

If you’re looking to tune the antenna for your Anytone AT-778UV with accuracy and with ease, and without losing your sanity, then this SWR meter will be a worthwhile investment.

It’s a dual band meter so it will help you to tune any of the two antennas we reviewed above. It will instantly show you the tuning issues with your antenna as soon as you put it to use, which will help you get a significant improvement with your antenna and thus your overall setup too.

It covers all the bands in the frequency range of 125 to 525 MHz. It’s also one of the more inexpensive SWR meters and also pretty durable.


  • Great inexpensive SWR meter to tune your antenna with ease and accuracy
  • Easy to use and it will instantly find the tuning issues with your antenna
  • Covers all the bands in the range of 125 to 525 MHz
  • No durability issues and it should last you pretty long


  • It does not tune on some bands as well as on other bands, but with some effort you can make it work
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5. ZAXIDALER External Speaker

Zaxidaler External Speaker

If you want your Anytone AT-778UV to sound much louder than it does by itself, then the ZAXIDALER external speaker would interest you. It’s pretty compact, but it has a lot of power and it manages to produce a surprisingly loud sound.

This will work particularly well for Hams that tend to use their AT-778UV in their vehicle, which is usually when you have overpowering winds making it difficult for you to listen to the radio.

It uses only 2 watts of audio – which is great for the battery life of your radio – but without any compromise on the sound quality. The cord it comes with is also pretty long at 6 feet.


  • Produces surprisingly loud sound despite being very compact
  • Easy to install in your vehicle with your mobile radio thanks to the long cord
  • Uses only 2 watts of audio
  • Doesn’t need a dedicated power supply, it’s powered by your radio itself


  • For such a cheap speaker delivering so much in terms of the sound while using little power, we think there’s nothing to complain about.
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How We Picked the Best Accessories for Anytone AT-778UV?

The Anytone AT-778UV is a mobile Ham radio, and the two antennas we reviewed in this post are both a perfect fit for mobile radios. They deliver excellent readings, meaning you would be able to get a much better performance from your radio using one of them.

You would be able to hit faraway repeaters, and there would no signal issues that you usually faced while using the radio alone.

Both the antennas we reviewed are also durable and a great value for money.

A Word on the Other Accessories

We also recommended a programming cable, an SWR meter and an external speaker to use with your Anytone AT-778UV. They all serve different purposes, but help you set up a complete, more functional Ham radio system with ease.

While the programming cable we recommended is specifically designed for the Anytone AT778-UV and will go a long way in helping you program it easily and quickly, the SWR meter will allow you to tune your antenna perfectly for you to be able to get the most out of it.

Then there’s the external speaker that will come in very handy when driving in windy conditions or at higher speeds, when the external speaker will help you listen to the radio over the overpowering winds.