5 Best Batteries for HAM Radio Go Box (Reviews Updated 2022)

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A quality and adequately-powered battery is one of the most important components of a complete HAM radio Go Box. And experienced Hams – and many beginner Hams too – love to build their own Go Box as it offers some amazing benefits and allows Hams to carry their Ham experience wherever they go.

So without further ado, let’s help you pick the right battery for your HAM radio Go Box.

Best Batteries for HAM Radio Go Box

Here are our HAM radio go box battery reviews.

1. Miady 12V 6Ah Rechargeable

Miady 12v 6ah Rechargeable

This Miady battery is an excellent option for HAM radio users. There are more than a few Hams using it in their Go Box and they are all praise for it. It’s available at a great price compared to other similar products, and is a great value with 12V 6Ah rating and capable of running 2000 cycles.

It’s a lithium iron phosphate battery, and anything lithium is usually reliable and quality stuff, especially when it comes to batteries for HAM radios. It’s also pretty lightweight, which further makes it an even better option for a Ham radio Go Box that you will be carrying around often.

Please note that it’s not a lead acid battery so it won’t work with high current applications but for anything like 6 amp current it would work flawlessly.


  • Great specs for the price
  • Reliable and quality battery
  • Lightweight and low discharge, making it ideal for travel
  • Works flawlessly for low current Ham applications


  • It won’t work for high current applications
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2. TalentCell LF120A1 Rechargeable

Talentcell Lf120a1 Rechargeable

This is one of the more expensive batteries for your HAM radio Go Box, but it’s well worth it for users looking to perform more advanced HAM operations. It comes with better specs at 12V 12Ah, and is a high-quality lithium iron phosphate battery.

It would run 2000 cycles before needing to be replaced, and the output voltage is fairly stable, usually between 12V to 13V. It’s lightweight enough to be perfect for a Ham Go Box that you will be carrying around, and can easily power a transmitter at 60 watts or even higher.

The fact that you can charge this rechargeable battery with a solar power charger is amazing as well.


  • 12V 12Ah specs means the battery is capable of powering the more advanced HAM radios out there
  • Stable output voltage
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can be powered using a solar power charger


  • A little pricey, but for the extra power and capability it brings to the table it’s well worth it
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3. ExpertPower 12V 20Ah

Expertpower 12v 20ah

If you need more power and a more long-lasting battery than the options we reviewed above, this ExpertPower battery would fit the bill well for you. Its 12V 20Ah capability would allow you to power advanced HAM applications, and it would last much longer than the cheaper options with a life cycle of 2500-7000 cycles.

Despite the better powering and durability capabilities, this battery is surprisingly lightweight too. A particular customer mentioned how it replaced their two 6V GC2 batteries. Besides high power HAM applications, it can also power other high power appliances and applications, making it a great choice if you’re building a Go Box to help you in an emergency or SHTF situation. However, make sure you own one of the best HAM radios for SHTF situations first.

As it’s a lithium based battery, it can be used almost completely before being required to be discharged.


  • High power for advanced HAM applications
  • Better life cycle at 2500-7000 cycles
  • Surprisingly lightweight
  • Can be used almost completely before needing to be discharged


Hard to find anything to complain about it. Most customers that bought this battery agree with us here.

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4. UB12120 Universal Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Ub12120 Universal Sealed Lead Acid Battery

Now, if you fancy a lead acid battery over the lithium-based ones we reviewed above, then the UB12120 Universal Sealed Lead Acid Battery is a great choice. It’s surprisingly cheap for a quality 12V 12Ah battery, and also comes with two F1 to F2 terminal adapters. They make the charging experience on the go much more convenient.

The quality is indeed better than comparable lead acid batteries, and this battery also comes with a 1-year warranty. It would work well for advanced, demanding Ham applications.

At less than 8 pounds, it’s one of the more lightweight lead acid batteries as well.


  • Great lead acid battery for Ham applications
  • High power at a surprisingly cheap price
  • Comes with two F1 to F2 terminal adapters for great charging convenience
  • Impressive quality for the price


  • The typical cons associated with lead acid batteries, particularly that they need to be discharged much sooner than their lithium-based counterparts
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5. Absolute Battery AB12350

Absolute Battery Ab12350

Here’s another lead acid battery option for you, but this one works particularly well for HAM radios. With powering capabilities of 12V and 35AH, this battery is a steal at the price it’s being sold at the time of writing this post.

It comes with a flag terminal as well, which is basically nut and bolt. It’s completely maintenance-free, so don’t expect the usual hassles associated with many lead acid batteries. The construction is safe and durable.

It can also power a lot of other appliances besides HAM radios, making it another great choice for emergency situations. It’s the heaviest battery on our list though – and one of the major reasons it’s ranking the lowest on our list – but if that doesn’t worry you it can turn out to be a great choice.


  • Lead acid battery that works particularly well for HAM radios
  • Great powering capability at this price
  • Maintenance-free and safe, solid construction
  • Impressive versatility


  • Too heavy for a battery you would want to carry around a lot
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HAM Radio Go Box Battery Buyer’s Guide

Best Batteries For Ham Radio Go BoxWhile we have done all the hard work for you by choosing the best batteries for your HAM radio Go Box, but if you’re still curious what makes a great battery option here, then read on as we tell you just that.

Powering Capability

You want your Go Box battery to have enough power to adequately run your HAM radio during your travel and hikes. The exact power requirements are subjective, but obviously the more is going to be the better here.

All the options we picked above come with more than enough power for HAM radios, with our top 3 choices offering more than enough power for advanced, demanding HAM applications as well.

Lightweight and Portable

You don’t want to carry around a 40-pound battery all day, or worse, for days. You would ideally want something weighing well under 10 pounds, but you could go with our exception in the Absolute Battery AB12350 if you’re fine with something up to 30 pounds.

Lithium-Based Over Lead Acid

Unless you have a specific reason for going with a lead acid battery, a lithium-based battery would almost always turn out to be a better option for HAM applications. That said, in some cases a good lead acid battery wouldn’t be a bad option too, which is why we have picked them too on our list above.