4 Best Two Way Radios with Bluetooth (Reviews Updated 2022)

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While there an overwhelming number of two way radio options, there are far fewer, or dare we say, less than 10 decent options when it comes to Bluetooth two way radios. This is primary because most HAM radios don’t come with a built-in Bluetooth option, and the ones that do are walkie talkies, which aren’t a very good option in general.

But after doing a lot of searching around and intensive research, we have narrowed down to 4 two way radio options that both come with excellent Bluetooth functionality and are a decent option overall.

Best Two Way Radios with Bluetooth

Here are our Bluetooth two way radio reviews.

1. Motorola Talkabout T800

Motorola Talkabout T800

These are one of the coolest walkie talkie options on the market with excellent Bluetooth connectivity. They are also surprisingly functional for walkie talkies with radio control settings, group messaging or broadcasting feature, location sharing, emergency sharing and some other advanced features.

Now, let us make something clear here. These radios didn’t perform as well before, which is why most of the top reviews you see are very negative. However, you would see many customers praising the functionality of these walkie talkies in the past few months.

They come with many channels and privacy codes, and the range is good in conditions that aren’t too bad. The battery life is pretty long, the build quality is solid, and the sound is great.


  • Great Bluetooth connectivity
  • Lots of features and a very functional option
  • Improved range in conditions that aren’t too bad
  • Good sound, battery life and build quality


  • The range is bad if there are many obstacles
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2. Cobra PR562BLT

Cobra Pr562blt

The Cobra PR562BLT is one of the highest-rated Bluetooth two way radio options you have. We wouldn’t expect anywhere near the promised range of 28 miles – as is common with pretty much all walkie talkies – because the promised range is only in unnaturally ideal conditions. That said, the range is pretty good for the price.

These walkie talkies come with 10 NOAA weather channels and a built-in LED flashlight while being water resistant and very durable. We would say this product can qualify as one of the best weather radios if you’re looking for one with Bluetooth.

The ease of use is great, the battery life is impressive, and the sound is better than what you would expect for the price.


  • Decent range for the price
  • Bluetooth feature works well
  • NOAA weather channels, built-in LED flashlight and great durability with a water resistant body
  • Impressive sound and battery life


  • The range can be very poor in “difficult” conditions with lots of obstacles
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3. Motorola MU350R

Motorola Mu350r

This is one of the most expensive but also the most complete Bluetooth two way radio (walkie talkie) options. However, as with every walkie talkie out there, take the promised range with a grain of salt. We wouldn’t expect a range of a mile or two in realistic conditions but that’s going to be enough for most users.

The Bluetooth feature works well, and the design is waterproof with excellent build quality. The audio quality is pretty good too, and these units come with NOAA channels and local and regional weather broadcasting as well.

Motorola has kind of tried to make it a good general two way radio option while also offering some emergency features, including a built-in LED light. However, don’t expect it to compete with true emergency radios on the market.


  • Bluetooth works very well, with the range being enough for most users
  • The build quality is waterproof and solid
  • The audio quality is impressive with great overall functionality
  • Comes with some emergency features too


If you’re fine with the range being about a couple miles, you wouldn’t want to complain about anything with this radio.

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4. SANZUCO Two-Way Radios

Sanzuco Two Way Radios

These two way radios come with two Bluetooth headsets too with the built-in Bluetooth functionality being seamless and impressive. This is an FRS UHF radio with a frequency range of 400-470MHz. It’s actually also compatible to be used with radios of other brands on the same frequency.

It works well as a long range two way radio too, thanks to being a true two way radio with a much better range than those walkie talkie options out there. The Bluetooth feature works well too, and the battery saving function is impressive and improves the overall battery life.

The audio quality is also better than what you would get from walkie talkies, with the PTT function working very well, making the overall user experience even easier.


  • Great all-round Bluetooth two way radio option
  • True two way radio with a much better range than walkie talkies, and also comes with Bluetooth headsets
  • Better audio quality than walkie talkies
  • Excellent battery life with a battery saving function


  • None that we found worthy of mentioning here.
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Bluetooth Two Way Radio Buyer’s Guide

If you think you will have the same variety of options as general two way radios when looking for a Bluetooth two way radio, then you couldn’t be more mistaken about it. There are only a few two way radios that come with true Bluetooth functionality, and most of them are walkie talkies.

This is the reason we could only find 4 options worth reviewing, with 3 of them being walkie talkies as well. It’s important to note this as walkie talkies are quite limited in their functionality compared to true two radios, especially with their range.

Which Are the Most Important Factors to Consider?

Even though you don’t have a lot of options to choose from, you may want to be aware of the most important factors to keep in mind when narrowing down your search to the one option you would like to go with.


The range is obviously the most important feature, and something customers complain about the most. This is because it can be a real issue, with many walkie talkies offering a range of no longer than 300 feet, which is definitely very poor.

We would want the range to be 500 feet as a minimum, ideally at least a mile or more.

Sound Quality

This is another major issue, particularly with walkie talkies again. The clarity is often just not there and it’s a struggle to hear what the person at the other end is saying.

Not with the radios we picked above, though. We did careful research to make sure all our reviewed options offer a decent sound quality and clarity, and are also loud enough to hear.

Build Quality

As Bluetooth two way radios would likely be used in varying conditions and when traveling, camping or other similar activities, the build quality is important. You wouldn’t want the units to stop functioning suddenly just because you dropped them from like two feet.

That said, you don’t have to worry about this if you’re going to purchase one of our reviewed options, which are all very well-built and durable.

Some of the other important factors include battery life, the overall functionality of the Bluetooth feature and weather channels (if they are important to you).