5 Best Coax for HF HAM Radio (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Coax cables are an essential tool when it comes to transmitting the signal to and from your antenna. However, not all cables are created equal, although there are more than a few options out there.

So to make sure you don’t end up picking the wrong one and regretting later, we decided to go ahead and review the 5 best coax for HF HAM Radios on Amazon.

Best Coax for HF HAM Radio

Here are our HF HAM radio coax reviews

1. Workman 100 ft RG8X Coax Cable

Workman 100 Ft Rg8x Coax CableThis Workman coax cable is one of the highest-rated coax cables on Amazon. It’s an RG8X coax so it will lose much less of the signal strength than some other types of coax cables out there.

The RG8X coax cable and UHF connectors both work perfectly well for HF. The coax cable is very high quality with 95% copper braid shield, and the signal retention is easily comparable to something like the LMR400, which is a much more expensive option.

The PL-259 connectors are high quality as well, and the overall construction is solid. A particular customer mentioned they have been using this product for 3 years and it still works just as well as it did on day 1.


  • High-quality RG8X cable with great signal retention
  • Works great for RF
  • The connectors are high-quality as well and the overall construction is impressive
  • The length is great at this price


  • Some units do seem to ship with some factory defects or get a bit damaged during the shipping, but you can request a replacement if that turns out to be the case with you
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2. Cable Experts RG-8X Coax Cable

Cable Experts Rg 8x Coax CableComing in as many as 10 different sizes and being a great all-round coax cable, the Cable Experts RG-8X coax cable is a great option as well.

Its versatility is not limited to its size options, and it works surprisingly well for different types of radios as well including CB radios, shortwave radios, and of course for HF HAM radios. This copper-braided coax cable is also weatherproof, so you can expect it to work just as fine in extreme weathers as well.

It’s an RG-8X coax cable as well with an impressive signal retention. A particular customer mentioned in their review that the loss of signal is less than 2.5 Db which is indeed very impressive.


  • Available in 10 different sizes
  • Great signal retention
  • Versatile cable and can be used with different types of radios
  • Weatherproof with impressive durability


  • The connector threads feel a little rough
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3. Yotenko RG 58 15M Coax Cable

Yotenko Rg 58 15m Coax CableThe RG 58 15M from Yotenko is one of the better budget coax cable options out there. It’s priced affordably but without a compromise on the signal retention.

It’s versatile enough to be used with different radios as well, including two-way radios. The length is 50 ft which is long enough for most users but please note that this is an RG 58 cable so it’s ideally only to be used for mobile installations.

The construction is good enough overall and it’s very portable too thanks to being lightweight.


  • Great budget option with impressive signal retention
  • Versatile and long enough
  • Quality construction and portable
  • Ideal for mobile installations


  • It’s not the most durable so it’s not suitable for advanced use
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4. RFAdapter PL259 Coax Cable

Rfadapter Pl259 Coax CableSo here’s another budget option, this time from RFAdapter. It’s an RG-58 cable and available in 3 sizes as well. However, make sure you don’t use it for very demanding applications in order to avoid disappointing results.

That said, it’s very versatile and works well with a wide range of devices, including antenna analyzers and SWR meters as well. The signal retention is good, and the braid shield is made of quality aluminum wire.

The construction is good enough and it does its job well. It’s made of tinned copper.


  • Great for mobile installations
  • Versatile and works with many different devices
  • Made using quality aluminum wire
  • Good construction


  • May not work as well for some demanding applications
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5. RoadPro RG-58A/U Coaxial Cable

Roadpro Rg 58a U Coaxial CableThe RoadPro RG-58A/U Coaxial Cable is priced surprisingly affordably despite being a decent option and doing its job well as a coax cable. It’s an 18 ft cable and works very well on HF.

Surprisingly, the cable is thick unlike many of the other options in this price range, so it should last you longer than you may expect. It’s also versatile and works for other applications as well including CB radios and SWR meters.

It’s an RG58 cable but the signal retention is not bad, especially for the price you’re paying.


  • Great price
  • Good length and impressive performance on HF
  • Thick, durable cable


  • The construction isn’t very high quality
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Difference Between RG-8X and RG-58 Coax Cables

Best Coax For Hf Ham RadioAs you may have noticed, the 5 coax cables we reviewed above are RG-8X or RG-58. But it’s important to understand the difference between them if you aren’t already aware of it.

The RG-58 cables are believed to be ideal for mobile installations, but not more advanced or demanding set-ups. They are also much shorter than their RG-8X counterparts.

On the other hand, RG-8X cables are typically preferred for advanced or set-ups other than mobile installations, thanks to their longer size and a better signal retention than RG-58 cables.


If you’re only looking for a coax cable to use for HF HAM radios, then the versatility may not mean much to you. However, for users that also see themselves using the cable for other devices like their SWR meter or even a two-way radio for that matter, the ability of the coax cable to work just as well with a limited signal loss is important.

Material of the Cable

The cable needs to be high quality or you will find yourself looking for a new cable in no time. HF applications are a bit demanding and poor quality coax cables won’t last too long for them.

The material the cable is made of is often important too. Copper is always the best option, but you will have to settle for tinned copper or aluminum if you do not have the budget for a copper coax cable.

We have mentioned the material for all but two of the products we reviewed above, and the two that didn’t list any information about their material seemed to be fairly high quality too which is why we still ended up picking them.

In addition to the material, the quality of the overall construction is important as well. You do not want the connectors being loose or easily breaking off from the cable.