5 Best Cobra Two Way Radios (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Cobra is one of the most popular brands out there when it comes to walkie talkies, which tend to be a convenient two-way radio option for users as a reliable way of communication.

Cobra also offers CB radios, although the options are few and they may not meet the needs of the users well.

With that said, let us review the 4 walkie talkies and one CB radio from Cobra that make our best Cobra two-way radios.

Best Cobra Two Way Radios

Here are our Cobra two way radio reviews.

1. Cobra 29LTDCHR

Cobra 29ltdchr

Here’s the one and only CB radio option on our list. It’s a feature-loaded radio available at an incredible price. There’s adjustable talk back feature, full 40 channels, SWR calibration and a lot more.

The power output is 4 watts and it works great for what it’s designed for, which is mainly for truckers and to be used in a vehicle. It also comes with a handy emergency feature that allows you to get instant access to emergency channel 9. It’s also PA capable meaning you can send out messages using the PA System option.

The sound quality is pretty good too and the radio looks really classy.


  • Very functional
  • Useful emergency feature
  • Good sound quality
  • Looks great


  • The build quality isn’t the best
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2. Cobra ACXT645 Walkie Talkies

Cobra Acxt645 Walkie Talkies

The Cobra ACXT645 is an excellent walkie talkie option as a two-way radio. It offers a range of 35 miles, which is decent for walkie talkies, but there are a lot of other features as well.

There are 10 NOAA weather channels and a built-in LED flashlight, which means it can also turn out to be a good option as an emergency radio. The design is waterproof and these walkie talkies also allow hands-free operation. The build quality is really impressive for the price.

Users report how these turn out to be a great unit when traveling, while being very easy to use. The sound is never a problem too.


  • Decent range of 35 miles
  • NOAA weather channels with the weather alert function being available at the push of a button
  • Waterproof, rugged design
  • Impressive sound quality


  • Water resistant doesn’t mean you can use them while swimming or anything, but just that they won’t get damaged in situations like when used in the rains
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3. Cobra RX680

Cobra Rx680

The Cobra RX680 is another great offering from Cobra and has received a great rating from customers. There are 38 preset channels so that you won’t have to go through the hassle associated with signal interference issues.

Some of the other important features include built-in NOAA receiver, hands-free operation, enhanced vibrating feedback and more. Users mention in their reviews how they face virtually no interference issues at all while using this two-way radio.

That said, the range is a bit limited compared to the other options we reviewed in this post, and you would probably find it hard to get beyond 5 miles in less than ideal conditions. However, if you’re not looking for a longer range, then this would be a great option for you with a waterproof build quality and impressive battery life.


  • 38 preset channels with no signal interference issues
  • Built-in NOAA receiver, hands-free operation and other features for enhanced functionality
  • Impressive battery life
  • Waterproof build quality


  • Limited range
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4. Cobra CX312

Cobra Cx312

The Cobra CX312 is as functional as a pair of walkie talkies can get. A particular user mentioned how they used it in all types of areas – including mountainous regions – with absolutely no signal disruptions at all.

The 23 miles range isn’t half bad either at this price point. The performance is solid with a strong signal strength and band capability, so much so that you will need to get an FCC license to use them legally.

The sound is decent, the battery life is good, and they are easy to use.


  • Great signal strength with no disruptions even in mountainous regions
  • 23 miles range
  • Clear audio
  • Fairly long battery life


At this price there’s nothing worth complaining about. These walkie talkies work great as two-way radios when traveling and for communications in areas where otherwise the signal strength is an issue.

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5. Cobra CXT235

Cobra Cxt235

These are another two-way walkie talkies with impressive functionality from Cobra. While the range isn’t the best at 20 miles, it’s going to be sufficient for most users looking for a reliable way to communicate while traveling.

It comes with 22 channels and 121 privacy codes, built-in NOAA radio receiver, other useful weather alert functions, easy and hands-free operation, among other features. Users that bought these units say they are perfect for hiking, traveling, camping and so on.

The battery life isn’t too low at around 7 hours, but it could have been a little better. As with pretty much every Cobra product, the Cobra CXT235 boasts a solid build quality too.


  • Decent range for the price
  • 22 channels and 121 privacy codes
  • Many other features that promise an impressive overall functionality
  • Solid build quality


  • It would have been nice if the battery life would have been a little better
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Cobra Two Way Radio Buying Guide

Best Cobra Two Way RadiosA two-way radio is exactly what the name suggests: a way to both receive the signals as well as transmit them. In practical terms, it means that you can both listen to what people are saying on the channel you’re connected to, as well as be able to speak to them.

The most popular type of two-way radios are HAM radios, but there are some other types of two-way radios as well, particularly including the ones being offered by Cobra and the ones we have reviewed in this post.

So let us talk about them below.

Cobra Walkie Talkies vs. CB Radios

While two way radios come in 3 main types that include HAM radios, CB radios and walkie talkies, Cobra only manufacturers the latter two. However, it offers many walkie talkie options than CB radios.

Furthermore, there are less and less users using CB radios these days. Walkie talkies and CB radios also differ a lot in their operation.

While the former is designed as a more reliable way of communication than your cell phones, the latter is more of a general radio experience where you can listen to different channels and talk to strangers on the CB band.

Given all these factors, most users would want to go for walkie talkies over CB radios, which is why you use 4 of the former and only one of the latter on our list.

Some of the Features to Look For In A Cobra Radio

The range is definitely one of the most important factors to look for when it comes to choosing a two-way radio, particularly a walkie talkie. The signal interferences must also be controlled well, as that will allow the radios to perform better even in poor conditions.

Other important features to consider include the overall functionality, battery life, build quality, weather alert functions and more.