5 Best Encrypted Two Way Radios (Reviews Updated 2022)

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While there are ton of two way radio options on the market, very few of them are encrypted. We are especially talking about out-of-the-box encryption here, with preset privacy codes and encryption keys that you can use to get talking with your partners without having to program anything.

And based on our research, we only found Retevis radios that met these requirements, while also being fully license-free. So these offer the best of both worlds in the form of strong, secure encryption and ease of use and license-free operation.

Best Encrypted Two Way Radios

Here are our encrypted two way radio reviews.

1. Retevis RT29

Retevis Rt29

The Retevis RT29 is one of the more expensive but a feature-loaded encrypted two way radio. The encryption feature is really strong. All you need to do is add your private code and encryption code in each channel you use and it would protect yourself from any signal interruptions.

It comes as a pack of 4 units, so they are ideal for a small group of people. The range is really good, particularly thanks to the unusually long antenna. The battery capacity is amazing at 3200mAh and would last you days with moderate use.

The programming is easy, sound is great, and the build quality is solid as a rock. There are also many other impressive features like an emergency alarm, voice activated transmit (VOX), high-quality waterproof mic and more. It works on the UHF band.


  • Feature-loaded with strong encryption feature
  • Impressive range with long antenna
  • Amazing battery life
  • Rock-solid build quality


  • They are just considerably more expensive than many other options, although they are well worth the cost if you need strong encryption and great overall functionality
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2. Retevis RT27

Retevis Rt27

This is a newer model of the popular and highly-rated previous version of the Retevis RT27. It boasts CTCSS and DCS encryption, and allows you to make encrypted calls to other users using these units. The voice encryption feature is very impressive as it garbles your transmissions, making it very difficult even for experienced miscreants to compromise your signals.

This product comes in a pack of 5 units, and allows fully license-free operation without requiring you to have any individual license. These are dual band walkie talkies and come with 22 channels. The range is great and both the reception and transmission is very clear and strong.

The units are also very durable, simple to operate and offer a decent battery life.


  • Great encryption feature allows you to have highly secure and private conversations
  • Simple and license-free operation
  • Great range and strong, clear transmission and reception
  • Durable, easy to use and decent battery life


  • You’re getting 5 units at a great price with lots of features and strong encryption. We don’t find anything to complain about here!
  • If you want 10 units at a cheaper price per unit then check out this link which is basically the same product but with 10 units.
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3. Retevis H-777S

Retevis H 777s

This is another excellent and affordably-priced option with the same type of voice encryption as you get with the above Retevis radios. These come as 10 units with the VOX feature, a long range, solid build quality and earpiece headset with each unit.

There are 16 channels and these units work on the UHF band. Again, these radios can be used without a license as well. These would work really well as business two way radios as well.

The audio clarity is better than you would expect for the price, offer simple operation, with the transmission and signal quality being great. These are also pretty compact and would fit the palm of your hand easily.


  • Affordable option with the impressive Retevis voice encryption feature
  • Come with the VOX feature
  • Long range, great build quality, impressive sound and clarity
  • Compact and easy to use


  • The software instructions are a little confusing and you have to do some additional research
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4. Retevis RT15

Retevis Rt15

If you’re looking for even cheaper and more compact encrypted walkie talkies than the above option, then the Retevis R15 is going to be a great choice for you. They are super compact yet sturdy, and well encrypted yet functional.

There are as many as 50 CTCSS 208 DCS private codes that you can use to encrypt your channels, which is great at this price. The sound quality is pretty good, and the units are surprisingly durable for their size and price, and withstand falls well without breaking.

The battery capacity is 1000mAh only, but it’s not bad unless you have very heavy use and little time to charge it. Again, these come with VOX and are license-free, while being FCC certified as well. They operate on the UHF band.


  • Super compact yet sturdy, and priced very affordably
  • 50 CTCSS 208 DCS private codes for strong encryption
  • Impressive sound quality and durability
  • VOX, license-free with simple operation


  • The battery life is a bit on the lower side
  • These do not come with earpiece headsets like the above option, but at this price we wouldn’t really expect all that
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5. Retevis RT67

Retevis Rt67

These are actually the cheapest option of all when you consider the total price, but are one of the more expensive options in terms of the price per unit. That said, however, these are really functional with some advanced features and CTCSS&DCS encryption.

Users mention how the range is impressive even when using them in a big building where the distance between one another is long and obstacles are many. The battery life is just as good at 3000mAh, and would last for days for most users.

The sound is clear and loud, the transmission signal quality is strong, and the units are pretty rugged and durable. There are also many other features like an LED flashlight, lanyard for ease of carrying, adjustment buttons for ease of operation, monitoring function and an impressive squelch feature to get the same audio clarity even in noisy environments.


  • Very functional with some impressive advanced features
  • Strong CTCSS&DCS encryption that prevent eavesdropping
  • Great range, sound and durability
  • Many other additional features like squelch, LED flashlight and more


  • They are priced higher than the cheaper options we reviewed but for the additional features they bring to the table we think they are well worth it
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Encrypted Two Way Radio Buyer’s Guide

We understand that when you’re looking for an encrypted two way radio, you really want to keep your conversations secure and private. Signal interruptions and eavesdropping is far from uncommon in the world of radios.

This is where a strong encryption can make all the difference to your privacy and security. And to your relief, all the radios we reviewed above not only offer a strong encryption with private codes and superior voice encryption, but you get this level of encryption right out of the box, without having to set anything up.

Some Other Features to Consider – A Quick Look

  • Overall functionality – sound quality, signal strength, transmitting capabilities and more
  • Battery life
  • Range
  • Build quality
  • Ease of use