5 Best Microphones for HAM Radio (Reviews Updated 2022)

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A good quality microphone can be a surprisingly simple way to enhance the sound quality and overall Ham experience with the cheapest of HAM radios out there.

Microphones are also great when you’re using your HAM radio out somewhere with other people around you, or just to get a better sound quality at your home.

Most radios sound much better on mic than on their speaker. So with that said, let us walk you through the 5 best microphones for HAM radios on the market.

Best Microphones for HAM Radio

Here are our HAM radio microphone reviews.

1. Kenwood Original MC-60A

Kenwood Original Mc 60a Deluxe Desktop Microphone 8 Pin Connector (all Kenwood Hf & Mobile Radios With Modular Plugs Need The Mj 88 Adapter Not Included). Ac

So here’s something for the Kenwood users. The Kenwood MC-60A works with many Kenwood radios using the round 8 pin mic connectors. The frequency response is good and the PTT (push to talk) switch and lock feature are nice additions.

Coming to the more important details, the performance is solid all-round. Users mention how the MC-60A manages to offer great audio reports even in poor band conditions. Despite boasting a solid construction and great build quality, it’s fairly portable.

Just like our top pick, you don’t need batteries to use this mic.


  • Great 8 pin connectors ensure great flexibility and compatibility
  • Solid performance with great audio reports even in poor band conditions
  • Solid construction and great built quality


  • You may have to spend some time reengineering the base depending on your use
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2. Delta M2 Chrome

Delta M2 Chrome Amplified Dynamic Power Base Microphone 4 Pin Cobra Cb Ham Mic

The Delta M2 Chrome is not a very popular option, but it offers the best in terms of the audio reports and builds quality. The sound quality would probably be the best you have ever experienced with any mic for your HAM radio, and the mic is made using high-quality steel and not cheap plastic like most other mics out there.

Furthermore, it also comes with an A/C adapter so you don’t even need a battery to run it. The design is great as well.

Also, unlike other cheaper options, it has an impressively low impedance capability of 270 ohms Ken. Similarly, unlike many other mics out there, it doesn’t have any issues like squealing which are common with cheaper options. It’s also pretty versatile and works well with a wide range of HAM radios.


  • Best audio reports with a crystal clear and loud sound
  • Solid build quality and construction all-round
  • Comes with an A/C adapter and doesn’t need a battery to run
  • Low impedance and versatile


Well, there’s nothing wrong that we could find with it.

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3. Ranger SRA-198

Ranger Sra 198 Ranger Cb Ham Radio Noise Canceling Mic 4 Pin Wired Jil. Ac

The Ranger SRA-198 is a surprisingly affordable mic for what it offers in terms of features and overall performance. It’s one of the few mics in this price range – if not the only one – that’s indeed truly noise canceling as it claims. Customers mention in their reviews how it indeed cuts out all the external noise and disturbances.

However, we were even more surprised by its build quality. At this price point, we wouldn’t expect much more than a cheaply made mic. But the SRA-198 is an incredibly heavy mic boasting a solid construction.

The audio reports are great as well and the sound is impressive. You will need to hold it close to your mouth when talking though.


  • Surprisingly affordable for the quality and performance it offers
  • Truly noise-canceling – cancels out all external, background noise
  • Amazing build quality for the price
  • Great audio reports


  • You need to hold it close to your mouth when talking, but it’s barely a con
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4. Yaesu Original MD-100A8X

Yaesu Original Md 100a8x Dynamic Desk Top Microphone

Now that we have reviewed a couple more versatile options, let us get a bit more specific to some of the popular brands out there. So here we have the Yaesu MD-100A8X which is a great mic for Yaesu users.

The sound is extremely clear and loud both on the receiving and transmitting end. The audio reports come out as good as you can imagine, and being a Yaesu product the build quality is second to none.

The frequency response range is pretty large at 100 to 5,000Hz, and the mic is compatible with many different Yaesu radios, including pretty much every new Yaesu HF radio.


  • Great option for Yaesu users
  • Loud, clear sound on both receiving and transmitting ends
  • Impressive audio reports
  • Great build quality


  • A bit on the expensive side when compared to a more budget option like the one we reviewed above
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5. CommountainSpeaker Mic with Reinforced Cable

Heavy Speaker Mic With Reinforced Cable For Baofeng Radios

If you’re looking for a cheap mic option for your BaoFeng radio, you just found one! This Commountain mic is specifically designed for BaoFeng radios, and works really well with many of their most popular radios, particularly including the handheld HAM radios.

Now, we almost didn’t want to pick this one as one of our top picks due to the way it looks. It feels like it’s very cheaply made, but boy were we so wrong about it! It’s surprisingly well made despite its cheap price tag, and better than many of the much more expensive mics out there.

The audio quality is as good as it can get in this price range, the transmit audio is incredible for the price too, and the compatibility with BaoFeng HAM radios is great.


  • Surprisingly cheap but well made
  • Great audio quality with incredible transmit audio
  • Works great with BaoFeng radios


At this price we found nothing bad enough to complain about.

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HAM Radio Microphone Buyer’s Guide

Well, you don’t necessarily need a mic if you find the audio from your HAM radio good enough and there’s no other need, but a quality mic would sure enhance your overall Ham experience.

It can significantly improve the overall sound quality of your HAM radio when listening to it, and make a great deal of difference when it comes to the transmit audio. The latter is usually something you would struggle with, unless you have bought a very expensive HAM radio.

A good quality mic would be an easy workaround in such a case.

Audio Reports and Sound Quality

The audio reports are a no-brainer as an important factor to consider. If your mic isn’t being able to produce good enough audio reports, it’s likely not serving its purpose.

All the products we reviewed above offer great audio reports with a great overall sound quality. In addition, the transmit audio quality – which is usually an issue with many mics – is great with our reviewed mics as well, even including the cheapest ones priced well under $30.

Build Quality

Even if the audio reports are good enough and everything else is impressive, a low quality mic wouldn’t last you too long. HAM radios are usually demanding, so you need something well built if you tend to use your radio regularly.

To your surprise, even our top picks priced under $30 offer a great build quality and would be durable enough to last you a long time.