5 Best Mobile HAM Radio Antenna Mounts (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Even the best and most expensive of antennas don’t perform at their best if they are not put at the right place. But putting and keeping them in the right place can be a challenge, especially for mobile HAM radio antennas as many times, they need to be installed in vehicles and keep you connected while driving at high speeds.

This is where the need for a quality, sturdy antenna mount comes in. So without further ado, let us review the 5 best mobile HAM radio antenna mounts on the market.

Best Mobile HAM Radio Antenna Mounts

Here are our mobile HAM radio antenna mount reviews.

1. HYS TC-MB90

Hys Tc Mb90

This is a super strong NMO magnetic mount that works great for mobile HAM radio antennas. It comes with a high-quality coaxial cable as well which is also pretty thick.

The diameter of the base measures 3.54” with the height being 1.18”. It’s pretty small and portable, but extremely durable and sturdy. The magnetic base is pretty strong too, and it would work great in your vehicle.

The installation is easy too, as it’s kind of just plug and play. It’s priced a bit on the higher side, but for this quality and durability, it’s priced just right.


  • Very strong and sturdy with a durable, powerful magnetic base
  • Small and portable, perfect for mobile HAM radios and using in vehicles
  • Easy installation


  • A little expensive, but for a truly high-quality antenna it’s well worth the price
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2. Browning WSPBR1030

Browning Wspbr1030

This is another extremely high-quality and sturdy magnet NMO antenna mount that comes from a reputed brand Browning. There’s also a rubber boot at the bottom so that it stays in place well without moving around, which makes it great to use in a vehicle as well.

The magnet housing is made of chromed-zinc, with the cable being pretty strong and thick too. The tinned-copper also paves the way for great connectivity.

The magnet itself is pretty strong, and would work great for antennas of all sizes. The diameter measures around 3.9 inches, and the finish of the base is impeccable.


  • Strong, sturdy and durable with a powerful magnet base
  • Rubber boot at the bottom for extra stability
  • Strong cable with great connectivity
  • Comes in a great finish


  • Despite the rubber bottom it may not hold tall or heavy antennas as well when driving at a high speed
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3. HYS SO-239

Hys So 239

This is one of the most expensive but also the most high-quality antenna mounts on the market. It comes with a long, thick coaxial cable as well.

The magnetic base is strong and durable, and can easily handle every type of antenna, including the very tall and heavy ones. The diameter measures 8.8 inches, so it doesn’t take up much space.

The installation is pretty easy, and with the coaxial cable already attached, it’s also a plug and play option for you. The installation is easy too, and the rubber boot make sure it stays in place even when there’s a lot of movement around it.


  • Very high-quality with a super strong magnetic base
  • Well-built enough to hold heavy and tall antennas
  • Durable but small and compact
  • Easy installation with rubber boot providing much-needed stabilization in vehicles


  • Pricier than most other antenna mounts out there
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4. Tram-Browning L-Bracket 1255

Tram Browning L Bracket 1255

This is a more unique antenna mount where there’s no magnetic base but a stainless steel L-bracket. It comes with 3 screws that would go into the 3 holes to install it where you want. The steel is high-quality and the antenna mount is fairly sturdy.

There are many users that have issues with installation, but that’s mostly because they do it the wrong way. You need to put the cable through the hole first before threading the top nut.

It would also fit well into your vehicle, but you need to put it through your vehicle’s roof from the outside. Finally, this isn’t the best HAM radio antenna mount, but it’s priced much lower than the above two options and would turn out to be a great fit for users looking for a very cheap option.


  • High-quality L-bracket stainless steel mount
  • Fits well into your vehicle, and there are no issues even when driving at high speeds
  • Incredibly cheap


  • The installation can be a little tricky
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Workman Rv1

This is another option similar to the one we reviewed above, although it comes in a slightly different shape and with 4 screws for a more secure installation. However, it’s only designed for antennas that have the standard 3/8-24 thread, so you need to check for this before you order this antenna mount.

As for cables, anything with a PL-259 connector would work fine with this mount. This mount is made of aluminum, so it’s sure to last you a very long time. Users say that the aluminum is indeed pretty thick and the durability is rock-solid.

It would handle the toughest and tallest of antennas easily, while also fitting into your vehicle just as conveniently.


  • Secure installation
  • Comes in a strong, thick aluminum design with great durability
  • Can handle the tallest and toughest of antennas easily
  • No installation issues


  • Doesn’t work for all types of antennas, so you need to check for this before ordering
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Mobile HAM Radio Antenna Mount Buying Guide

There really aren’t many antenna mounts out there that will work for most antennas. So it was already a struggle finding the ones that will be a good fit, let alone making sure they are also the best you can buy for the money.

That said, it’s still important that you know the different factors to consider when choosing one of them, although also simply picking one of the above antenna mounts would do you just as good.

Magnetic or Non-Magnetic

This is an important factor to consider because these are the two types of antenna mounts you will see on the market. While magnetic mounts are more flexible, sturdier and offer a better fit and installation, fixed or non-magnetic mounts hold the antenna in place better, especially when driving your vehicle at a high speed.

The non-magnetic mounts are also cheaper, but if you’re looking for a better overall option or something to go with your expensive and advanced mobile HAM radio and a tall antenna, you should consider going for one of the magnetic antenna mounts we reviewed above.

Quality or Sturdiness

A pretty obvious one but many users do not consider their antenna when determining the quality of the mount they are looking to purchase. A mount may be fairly sturdy, but it won’t be sturdy enough for a very tall or heavy antenna, and may fail to keep it in place when you’re driving your vehicle.


Not the most important factor but some antenna mounts can not only give you a really hard time with the installation, but you may just not be able to install them properly. Some of them are also not a good fit for many types of antennas, which is something you need to keep in mind as well when buying an antenna mount.