5 Best Quad Band Mobile HAM Radios (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Mobile HAM radios are a popular option among users that want to stay connected to the Ham world on the go. They offer just the right balance between the power and performance of a base station and the portability and ease of use of a handheld HAM radio.

When you’re looking to both receive and transmit on all types of frequencies and bands, you need a quad band mobile HAM radio. But as it can be difficult to find and understand which options are worth considering for you, let us walk you through the options we have reviewed and found to be the best quad band mobile HAM radios on the market.

Best Quad Band Mobile HAM Radios

Here are our quad band mobile HAM radio reviews.

1. TYT TH-9800 PLUS

Tyt Th 9800 Plus Version Quad Band

The TYT TH-9800 PLUS is one of the most functional quad band mobile HAM radios on the market. It’s a 50 watts radio with lots of advanced features like simultaneous dual band receive operation, VHF and UHF cross-band repeat function, dual display with lots of details, 809 alphanumeric memory channels, CTCSS/DCS and a lot more.

It’s the perfect balance of power and functionality, and could be used as a HAM radio base station too, especially if your budget doesn’t allow getting a real one. It comes with impressive range as well, reaching local repeaters easily while also being able to pick up weaker signals without any issues.

It’s easy to program, and the transmitting and receiving ability overall are far superior than what you would expect for the price. The audio is pretty good too.


  • Very functional with many advanced features
  • Powerful with great transmitting and receiving capabilities
  • Easy to program
  • Decent audio


  • The build quality could have been a little better, but that’s not saying it can’t last you a long time with some care
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2. TYT TH-9800

Tyt Th 9800

If you can’t already tell, the TYT TH-9800 is basically the older and less advanced version of the TH-9800 PLUS we reviewed above. However, if you’re looking for a slightly cheaper option with a great level of functionality, then you can’t go wrong with the TH-9800 too.

It comes with a power output of 50 watts as well with full twin receive ability, cross band repeat function, CTCSS and DCS, full twin display, highly functional keypad mic and much more.

The audio is excellent, very clear and loud. The programming is easy with a great range and it hits faraway local repeaters easily.


  • Great functionality for the price with tons of features
  • Excellent audio, loud and clear
  • Easy to program
  • Great range


  • Some features would take some getting used to before you can use them properly, so there’s bit of a learning curve to it
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3. Radioddity QB25

Radioddity Qb25 Pro

The Radioditty QB25 is an excellent quad band radio at an incredible price. There are so many features it would blow you away for what you paid.

Along with quad band operation, there’s quad band standby feature, detailed color display with dual synchronized mode, alarm and DTMF functions, variable frequency scanning and more. One of the most impressive things, however, is that the QB25 also comes with a high gain 50 watts quad band antenna, while offering a power output of 25 watts itself.

It comes as a complete package except for a coax cable and an antenna mount, that you will need to install the unit in your vehicle. The programming is easy as it supports the CHIRP software, the transmission and receiving range is great, the audio is excellent, and the build quality leaves little to be desired. All in all a great unit at a steal price.


  • Amazingly functional and complete for the price
  • Comes with high gain quad band antenna
  • All-round great performance
  • Excellent audio quality


  • It’s hard to find a fault given all that you’re getting at this price.
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4. SOCOTRAN Mobile Ham Radio

Socotran Mobile Ham Radio

This is another highly versatile yet extremely budget option if you’re looking to explore different types of frequencies. Be it GMRS, Ham, commercial or even public safety frequencies, it delivers great performance on all of them.

Users report that the audio is outstanding, and both the transmitting and receiving capability is excellent with a power output of 25 watts. It’s also very easy to use, although there are a lot of features and options for the price.

The unit itself is lightweight and sturdy. The programming is a little tricky but you just need to have a programming cable to make it easy.


  • Incredible versatility and functionality for the price
  • Outstanding audio quality
  • Great range and overall performance
  • Lightweight but sturdy


  • The programming can be a little tricky and the included manual is terrible
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5. HYS NA-8900R

Hys Na 8900r New Version

This is a very new model which is why it’s last on our list. However, going by its features and functionality, it’s definitely among the best options especially for users that are after an advanced quad band performance.

The power output is 50 watts, so you can expect a lot of power with great range and transmit and receive capability. Then there’s cross band operation, cross-band repeat function, alphanumeric twin display, over 800 memory channels and a lot more.

The build quality is great though the unit is perfect to be used as a mobile HAM radio in your vehicle. We expect the audio quality to be nothing short of exceptional too.


  • Amazingly functional with lots of advanced features
  • Great performance with 50 watts of power
  • Impressive build quality
  • Exceptional audio


  • A new model on the market and a little pricey
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Quad Band Mobile HAM Radio Buyer’s Guide

Although we have picked the best of the best quad band mobile HAM radios for you, it doesn’t hurt to know a little about what are the most important features to look for.

Transmit and Receive Capability

While you may find a quad band radio at a surprisingly cheap price, it may not meet your expectations when it comes to its transmitting and receiving capabilities, especially on the lesser-known bands. So it’s important to make sure the unit you’re looking to buy offers a good overall performance with great transmit and receive capability on all the four bands.


The functionality is sometimes just as important as the power and performance. Many mobile HAM radios lack some important features, which make them a bad option despite a good power output and transmitting and receiving ability.

While the exact features you should look for here depends on your specific needs and requirements, but good audio quality, functional display, easy programming, memory channels and other similar features are usually the most basic and important.

Other features include CTCSS/DCS feature and cross band functionality, but they are often subjective to the users. Finally, it’s also important to make sure that the unit you’re purchasing is capable of both transmitting and receiving on all the four bands, as during our research we found some units that would receive on four bands while transmit on two bands only.