5 Best Tri Band Mobile HAM Radios (Reviews Updated 2022)

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Mobile HAM radios are a reliable and powerful way to experience the Ham world. They are more powerful than handheld HAM radios, with better overall performance and power output.

However, when it comes to tri band mobile HAM radios, your options are limited as most of them are dual band. That said, we have managed to find tri band mobile HAM radios worth your consideration, while also including a couple quad band ones that work just as well as the others.

Best Tri Band Mobile HAM Radios

Here are our tri band mobile HAM radio reviews.

1. BTECH Mini UV-25X2

Btech Mini Uv 25x4

The BTECH Mini UV-25X2 is one of the most functional tri band mobile HAM radios on the market. What makes it stand out from the other similar options is its ease of use and beginner-friendly operation, which is hard to find when you consider that you’re also getting superior functionality and great overall performance.

It works great on all the bands, comes with a power output of 25 watts, dual watch monitoring feature, and many other additional features like dual display mode, expanded frequency range, auto scanning, variable frequency scanning and much more.

It’s pretty compact so you can easily put it into your vehicle, even if there isn’t a lot of space. The screen is great with large fonts, the sound is clear and loud, there are pairable channels, the mic settings are customizable, and the signal strength is great. Users don’t have any problem hitting local repeaters at quite a distance.


  • Great combination of functionality and ease of use
  • Impressive performance on all bands with great reception
  • Compact and fairly portable
  • Durable with lots of additional features


  • The FM broadcast reception could have been a little better
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2. Radioddity QB25 Pro

Radioddity Qb25 Pro

Now, the Radioddity QB25 Pro isn’t a tri band radio, but it’s actually a quad band one, so it definitely qualifies to be on this list, especially considering there aren’t many tri band mobile HAM radios out there. This is another radio that offers a lot for its price.

The power output is 25 watts, and you would be surprised at its ability to hit local repeaters easily. Users receive many compliments on how it sounds too, with both its TX and RX audio being excellent.

There are a fair few additional features and functions too, and programming with the Chirp software is easy. All said and done, you must note that its 350MHz to 390MHz is not usable in the US as this band is to be used by the Federal Government only.


  • Very functional for the price
  • Impressive ability to hit local repeaters
  • Both TX and RX audio are amazing for the price
  • Quite a few additional features you wouldn’t expect at this price


  • It isn’t the most durable so you will need to hand it with some care
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3. BTECH Mobile UV-50X3

Btech Mobile Uv 50x3

This is one of the most advanced tri band mobile HAM radios you can buy. It works very well on all its three bands too, with an excellent power output of 50 watts. The extra power helps it hit local repeaters than you wouldn’t expect with a less powerful or cheaper radio, with its transmitting capabilities being better as well.

There are a lot of features that add a lot of functionality to the overall operation, but you will have to spend some time to figure them all out. One of the most notable additional features is the cross-band operation, which is great to have in a tri band radio even at this price.

There are some issues with the radio though, particularly some bugs and poorly labeled features. If you’re a beginner, you may have a hard time finding workarounds, but it may not worry the more experienced Hams out there. The sound is clean and clear, and the programming is easy with the Chirp software.


  • Very functional and powerful
  • Great reception and transmitting abilities
  • Lots of useful additional features like the cross-band operation
  • Clear, clean sound and easy programming


  • There are some bugs and poorly labeled features with the included manual not being much help; you will need to find the online manual and do additional research to find workarounds for the bugs
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4. QYT KT-8900R

Qyt Kt 8900r

First things first, it’s one of the rare few if not the only tri band mobile HAM radio available under the price of $100. While that’s great, you must not expect the kind of performance and functionality than the above two radios offer.

That said, for the price, you would be hard-pressed to find a better deal if the tri band operation is important for you. The transmission is clean and surprisingly good on all the three bands. The reception is decent too, but with one of the best HAM radio antennas it would improve significantly. It can then easily hit local repeaters well over 20 miles away, which is great at this price.

The display screen is tiny but functional, the sound is great for the price too, and you wouldn’t have much trouble programming it with Chirp. The unit is also fairly durable for its price.


  • Amazingly cheap for a tri band radio
  • Great transmission and reception on all the three bands
  • Loud, clear sound for the price and easy programming
  • Compact but durable body


  • Limited additional features; again, do not expect the kind of functionality that the radios we reviewed above offer
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5. SOCOTRAN Mobile Ham Radio

Socotran Mobile Ham Radio

This is another quad band mobile HAM radio available at a steal price. Almost makes you think it’s too good to be true. But fortunately, it comes out really good.

The sound quality is excellent, the power output is not bad at 25 watts, the “tri band” performance is great (with the “additional” band not being very useful in the US) on both the receive and transmit fronts, and there are lots of options. It’s compact, lightweight and portable too.

It isn’t the easiest to program though and you can’t program it on your PC, but we wouldn’t expect a lot at this price.


  • Available at a steal price
  • Great audio reports with excellent receiving and transmitting ability
  • Compact, lightweight and portable
  • Easy to use and operate


  • A little difficult to program
  • You may want to get a good antenna to really make it hit the distant local repeaters easily
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Tri Band Mobile HAM Radio Buyer’s Guide

While we have already did all the work to help you pick the best tri band mobile HAM radio, here are some important features to consider in case you want to do some of your own research too.

Tri Band Operation

While it’s not hard to find HAM radios offering a good performance on the two popular bands, the third less popular band is something some radios disappoint on. But when looking for a tri band radio, it’s important that you consider the performance on all the three bands.

Receive and Transmitting Capability

Tri band operation may not mean much if your radio can’t receive or transmit beyond the nearby local repeaters. However, all the radios we reviewed above boast a great reception and transmitting capability, with some easily being able to hit local repeaters well over 20 miles away without even a good external antenna.

Overall Functionality

The overall functionality includes the sound quality, easy of use, ease of programming, the display quality, and other useful additional features. We have reviewed both advanced and basic, cheap tri band mobile HAM radios, with the cheaper ones offering a basic operation but impressive functionality for the price while the more expensive and advanced radios offering lots of additional features and advanced functionality.