5 Best Two Way Radio Antennas (Reviews Updated 2022)

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An antenna can go a long way in improving the overall performance of your two way radio. However, if you think just about any antenna compatible with your radio will do the trick, you’re probably mistaken.

While they would work with your radio, you would get much less than you could in terms of the range and signal strength improvement. It’s also important to note that two way radio antennas are different than CB antennas, or the marine VHF antennas for that matter.

With that said, let us review the 5 best antennas we found for your two way radios after doing a lot of research.

Best Two Way Radio Antennas

Here are our two way radio antenna reviews.

1. BTECH Authentic Genuine Nagoya UT-72

Btech Authentic Genuine Nagoya Ut 72

This is one of the highest-rated two way antennas on the market, and there’s a good reason for that. It’s a super functional and highly efficient antenna that supports both the bands and is surprisingly well built, but is available for a great price.

It’s a particularly impressive option for mobile two way radio users, as it’s compatible with all mobile two way radios that operate on UHF. It’s also compatible with BTECH and popular BaoFeng radios.

The power delivery is beyond what you would expect, it delivers excellent SWR readings, and is pretty long at 19 inches. The magnetic base is super strong and works really well.


  • Great all-round option
  • Durable with a strong magnetic base
  • Delivers great power and SWR readings
  • Long enough at 19 inches


  • We found absolutely nothing wrong with it. It’s a great product all-round.
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2. HYS Tactical/Foldable Antenna

Hys Tactical Foldable Antenna

If you own a BaoFeng two way radio, you probably can’t find a better antenna than this one, especially in this price range. It’s incredibly long at 31.5 inches, and is super flexible as you can fold and bend it into different sections.

Users mention how this dual band antenna significantly improves the overall signal strength on both the reception and transmit side, and increases the range quite a bit as well.

It’s made of cast which gives real toughness to it, so you can expect it to be very durable as well. It’s compatible with most popular BaoFeng radios.


  • Excellent length at 31.5 inches
  • Significant improvement in terms of range and signal strength
  • Cast body comes with great durability
  • Compatible with popular BaoFeng radios


  • If you’re going to use it for a BaoFeng you will probably not find anything to complain about.
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3. LUITON Walkie Talkie Antenna

Luiton Walkie Talkie Antenna

Now here’s something for walkie talkies in particular, although officially it’s compatible with most popular BaoFeng radios as well supporting both UHF and VHF. The length is good for the price at 15.6 inches.

It would easily extend the range of your handheld two way radios and walkie talkies. It would probably work for many smaller walkie talkie brands too, just the fit may be a little loose or tight.

The quality is good and the unit is durable. This antenna would certainly improve your overall radio experience, improving the overall sound clarity and reception as well.


  • Good length and quality for the price
  • Easily extends the range
  • Improves the sound clarity and overall reception
  • Compatible with popular walkie talkies


  • Again, these are all some great antennas with little to nothing to complain about.
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Hys Tcj N1

This is another great dual band antenna for mobile two way radios. It’s compatible with pretty much all the popular brands like Yaesu, Kenwood, Icom, HYT and Vertex.

It’s a 13-inch antenna that works surprisingly well for its length. It’s not the tallest antenna out there, but the improvement in signal and reception it brings to the table is significant enough to make it worthy of a top pick.

The build quality is great as well. You would have to drill a small hole in the surface that you will be using for the mount, but that’s about all there is to installation.


  • Excellent option for mobile two way radios, and works great for most popular brands
  • Great improvement in signal strength and reception
  • Well built


  • A little on the shorter side, but it doesn’t translate to much compromise in terms of performance so it doesn’t worry us much
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5. HYS-772

Hys 772

If you’re tight on budget and looking for a really cheap antenna, this one will do the trick for you. However, do not let its cheap price tag fool you. Its length is great at 15.7 inches and it’s a dual band antenna that works better than what you would expect for the price.

It works for popular models from brands like Yaesu, TYT, BaoFeng and Puxing, as well as for most popular Retevis models. It’s fairly well made for the price, and fits most radios it’s compatible with really well.

You may not expect much from it given the price but some users mention in their reviews how it did wonders for their radio’s signal and reception.


  • Great length and build quality for the price
  • Works with many popular models from a good few popular brands
  • Helps improves the signal strength and reception surprisingly well


  • The fit can be a bit of an issue with some models it’s not really directly compatible with
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Two Way Radio Antenna Buying Guide

There’s not much you can tell about an antenna just by looking at it. The length tends to be a very important factor, but you also can’t make out the length just by looking at the picture.

The type of radio you use is also going to matter a lot. For instance, HAM radio antennas may not work as well for walkie talkies, as the compatibility may differ.

So let us walk you through the most important factors to consider when choosing the perfect antenna for your two way radio.


As we mentioned above, the length is one of the most important factors. Generally speaking, the longer the length of the antenna, the better the performance it would deliver in terms of the improved signal strength and reception.

However, there are some exceptions when even some relatively shorter antennas perform great, like our 13-inch HYS TCJ-N1.

Signal and Range Improvement

In addition to what we said above, a longer length may not always automatically mean that the performance is going to be better than a relatively shorter length antenna. There are often a few different factors involved here too.

However, as signal and range improvements, and better readings are the reason you get an antenna, it must be able to do these things.

All the antennas we picked above offer an excellent signal and range improvement, helping you get much better reception on both the bands (as all of them are dual band antennas).

Build Quality

The build quality is a very important factor too because a lot of cheap antennas get damaged or stop functioning well within days or weeks of use. In addition, a well-built antenna also means a more functional antenna, which would offer a better overall performance improvement than a cheaply made antenna.

Again, all the antennas we have reviewed above are built really well, except perhaps the HYS-772 which doesn’t offer the best here. However, for the price, you can’t get a better option.