5 Best Two Way Radio Batteries (Reviews Updated 2021)

If you’re both a traveler and a Ham or a two way radio user, chances are you’re having a lot of trouble using your radio when traveling due to the battery limitations. The same goes for users that are looking for something to complement their HAM radio for SHTF.

But finding a two way radio battery isn’t easy. There aren’t many options, and you would have to narrow them down further based on your specific radio model.

So let us help you with choosing the right battery for your two way radio here by reviewing the 5 best options on the market for difference brands and radios.

Best Two Way Radio Batteries

Here are our two way radio battery reviews.

1. LUITON Original Replacement Rechargeable Li-ion

Luiton Original Replacement Rechargeable Li Ion

This is one of the few battery options that are compatible with multiple brands. These batteries work with three different brands, although only for their popular models. You need to check their product specifications carefully to find out if they are compatible with your particular model.

These come in a pack of 6, so they are very affordably priced if you compare them to the price of batteries sold as a single unit. The capacity is 1500 mAh and they are 3.7V batteries.

They last fairly long but it depends on your use as well. Overall, they are great rechargeable batteries and are also very cheap.


  • Work with multiple radio brands
  • Very affordably priced, come in a pack of 6 batteries
  • 1500 mAh capacity and last fairly long


  • Unless you’re using them for some other radio than mentioned in the product description on Amazon, you wouldn’t face any major issues with these batteries.
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2. Mirkit 2PC Baofeng Battery

Mirkit 2pc Baofeng Battery

If you’re using one of the popular BaoFeng two way radios like the BaoFeng BF-F8HP or UV-5R, this is going to be your best bet. These batteries are particularly designed for popular BaoFeng models, and work great for them.

The battery capacity is very large at 2100 mAh with the voltage being 7.4V. It’s much longer than the original battery capacity of many BaoFeng radios, so they will last you pretty long.

These also offer a very fast charging time of 3 to 4 hours, so they would definitely be a great help when traveling.


  • Excellent option for BaoFeng radios
  • Great battery capacity
  • Very convenient with fast charging
  • You get 2 batteries at a good price


  • Nothing! These batteries are perfect for BaoFeng radios.
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3. Nozza NNTN4497CR

Nozza Nntn4497cr

This battery is designed for popular Motorola radios and walkie talkies like the Motorola CP200D. Users mention that this battery works great as a replacement to expensive Motorola batteries. And while it isn’t the cheapest option on our list, Motorola batteries are expensive and this one’s cheaper by their standards.

This battery also comes with a belt clip, which does come in handy when traveling. The battery capacity is fairly long at 2250 mAh, with the voltage being 7.4V.

Users also mention how this battery is a perfect fit for their Motorola radio, just like their old, original Motorola battery.


  • Specifically designed for Motorola radios
  • One of the cheapest options for Motorola radios
  • Impressive battery capacity
  • Perfect fit for the Motorola radios it’s compatible with


  • Motorola users would probably be hard-pressed to find an option that offers a better bang for their buck, so we have no complains here either.
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4. Arcshell AR-5 Battery Replacement

Arcshell Ar 5 Battery Replacement

Here’s something for those who are using Arcshell AR-5 walkie talkies. They come in a pack of 2 and fit the compatible walkie talkies perfectly.

The battery life is really impressive, especially for walkie talkies. The quality and durability is great as well, which is clearly evident from the fact that the Arcshell is offering a massive 18-month warranty, as well as a 60-day money-back guarantee.

The price is definitely one of its biggest selling points too. They come in a pack of 2 for a surprisingly cheap price.


  • Perfect fit for Arcshell AR-5 walkie talkies
  • Impressive battery life
  • Great quality and durability with a 60-month warranty
  • Amazingly cheap for a pack of 2


  • Not perfectly compatible with other similar models also
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5. MaximalPower RB VER FNB-47/49

Maximalpower Rb Ver Fnb 47 49

If you own a Vertex or Yaesu radios, this battery may be a great fit for your radio. However, you will need to check if it works with your specific model as it doesn’t work with all radios being sold by these brands. That said, it’s also one of the very few options for radios from these brands.

The battery capacity of 1800 mAh isn’t the best, but given the limited options it should be fine, especially given that it isn’t much lower than some of the other options we reviewed.

You can tell by the looks of it that it’s very well-built. It comes with a belt clip as well for the convenience of carrying it.


  • One of the few batteries designed for Vertex and Yaesu radios
  • Decent battery capacity given the limited options
  • Durable
  • Comes with a belt clip


  • The fit may be an issue with some models, so it’s important to check whether it works with your specific model before buying
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Two Way Radio Battery Buyer’s Guide

While we have covered pretty much everything you need to know when picking and reviewing the above battery options, it doesn’t hurt to know about the important features to consider. It may help you make a better choice.


As you can tell after going through the above reviews, there are very few truly “universal” batteries. Most of them are only designed for a few brands, and many times only for a few particular models.

So you must not only make sure that the battery you’re looking to buy works with your radio’s brand, but also that it works with the specific model you’re using. This usually isn’t a problem if you’re using a popular radio model though.

Battery Capacity

What good is a replaceable battery if it would barely serve the purpose of charging your radio on the go? It’s important to choose a battery that has decent capacity, so that it can keep your radio charged for a fairly long time in the absence of other charging options.

All rechargeable batteries we picked above come with a great battery capacity, so feel free to choose one of them based on the compatibility factor.


While the price isn’t the most important factor, you would want to consider it in this case. This is because the prices of these radio batteries do not only vary greatly from one another, but also that the more expensive doesn’t necessarily mean a better battery.

We have picked some pretty cheap batteries that work great with no issues whatsoever and a great battery capacity, while being very durable and easy to carry.