5 Best Two Way Radio Holsters (Reviews Updated 2022)

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If you’re going to travel with your two way radio or just own an expensive radio you wouldn’t want to see a scratch on, getting a holster is going to be imperative.

But as with pretty much everything, not all holsters are created equal. So let us walk you through the best of them that you will not regret purchasing.

Best Two Way Radio Holsters

Here are our two way radio holster reviews.

1. abcGoodefg Universal Double Radio Shoulder Holster

Abcgoodefg Universal Double Radio Shoulder Holster

This is an excellent holster for older Hams with multiple radios or even for walkie talkie users as they come in pair. Both the holsters are made using a high quality nylon and highly adjustable.

The reason they have universal in their name is that they can fit in a huge variety of radios easily thanks to their adjustability. They come with shoulder straps that are adjustable also, making it very comfortable for you to carry your radios with you.

There are 4 extra pouches that you can use as additional storage. There are users that have been using this product since a year or longer with absolutely no issues whatsoever, so yes, it’s well worth the seemingly expensive price tag.


  • Come in a pair so great option for walkie talkie users or Hams that own multiple radios
  • Highly adjustable, both for your radio’s size and carrying around on your shoulders
  • Comfortable and high-quality
  • 4 extra pouches for storage


  • A bit on the expensive side, but the quality makes it well worth the price
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2. LUITON Universal Radio Case

Luiton Universal Radio Case

First things first, although they mention both universal and Motorola in the title (confusing product title, we know), it’s indeed a universal holster and would work for a wide range of handheld two way radios out there. It’s made using high-quality and durable nylon as well, but still manages to be very lightweight.

It needs to be put onto your belt, and stays in place very well. They even offer a 6-month warranty which speaks volumes about the kind of quality on offer here.

There’s no extra storage like in the above product, but at this price you shouldn’t expect it anyway.


  • Universal holster and fits well for most handheld radios
  • Made using high-quality and durable nylon and is surprisingly lightweight
  • Slides onto your belt very well and easy to carry
  • 6-month warranty is great to have at this price


  • No extra storage or shoulder straps, but they are not needed for most users anyway
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3. Viperade Versatile Radio Holder Case

Viperade Versatile Radio Holder Case

This is another extremely versatile holster option for you. It’s unique in the sense that instead of nylon, it’s made using a high-density oxford fabric. It comes with strong nylon straps as well, making it very easy for you to carry it.

It’s very versatile as it lets you adjust its size to fit your radio perfectly. A particular user mentioned that this versatility allows it to fit even the radios with an oversized battery.

The seller claims it’s water resistant as well, so it’s going to be a great option if you own a waterproof two way radio. It also boasts a convenient MOLLE system.


  • Highly versatile and unique
  • Made using strong oxford fabric
  • Adjustable to almost all handheld radios
  • Water resistant and comes with a MOLLE system


  • There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it at all. Even the price is great for the quality!
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4. LUITON 3 in1 Multi-Function Radio Holder

Luiton 3 In1 Multi Function Radio Holder

If you’re looking for a cheap option without compromising on the versatility and ease of carrying around, this is the holster you should consider. It’s a versatile and adjustable holster that fits most HAM radios or two way radios very well, including all the latest walkie talkies you see out there.

Now, do not expect the kind of quality you would get with the above products, but the quality is good for the money you’re paying. It’s made of a nylon material and is fairly durable.

The 3 in 1 function means it can be carried in 3 different ways, including hanging on your shoulder, chest and waist.


  • Very cheap but versatile
  • Extremely adjustable and fits almost all handhelds
  • Decent quality for the money
  • Great flexibility that allows you to carry it in 3 different ways


  • The quality isn’t as good as the other options we reviewed above, but isn’t bad either
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5. LUITON Tactical Universal Radio Holster

Luiton Tactical Universal Radio Holster

This is one of the most unique two way radio holsters on the market. It comes in a very well-thought-design tactical design that’s fit in a variety of cases, including camping, hiking and climbing.

Users mention it’s a perfect fit for almost all the two way radio brands out there, including BaoFeng two way radios and all their popular models. It attached very easily to the MOLLE and stays put extremely well too.

It’s made using high-quality nylon as well, and you can expect it to be very durable. It also fits some of the smaller CB radios.


  • Very unique, well-thought-out tactical design
  • Fit for most brands out there
  • Easily and securely attaches to the MOLLE
  • High-quality and durable


  • The strings get loose over time, but aren’t a deal-breaker in any way
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Two Way Radio Holster Buyer’s Guide

While choosing a holster might not seem like a big deal, it’s important than you think. A wrong holster may not fit your radio well, and also not have the quality you expect.

This makes it important that you consider some important features in order to choose the best holster for your two way radio.


This is the most important factor to consider because not all holsters are going to fit your radio. In fact, there are some that are particularly designed for CB radios or Motorola radios, and it would be a hassle to try and make them fit other brands.

That said, the holsters we reviewed in this post fit many different brands, with most of them being adjustable and flexible enough to allow you to change their size to perfectly fit your radio no matter its brand.


While we have reviewed a cheap holster, we haven’t reviewed any that are going to get worn out easily in like a few weeks of use. You would be surprised how many cheap holsters end up that way, which makes it important to consider the quality and durability as well.

Again, all the holsters we reviewed are made using high-quality materials, though as we said the budget option does leave a bit to be desired on this front.


It’s surprising how some holsters will come with cheap straps or would just be too difficult to attach to something that will allow you to carry them easily. As most users are going to travel with their radios, they would want the holster to offer this convenience.

We did have this in mind while reviewing our top picks too, so we only picked the ones that very easy to carry and came with strong straps or their equivalent.