5 Best Yaesu FT-891 Accessories (Reviews Updated 2022)

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The Yaesu FT-891 is a great HF radio. It’s one of few HF two way radios that comes with some great advanced features while still being very easy to use.

But if you want to get high-end functionality out of it and make your Ham experience easier and more convenient, then you need to get a few accessories specifically designed for it.

If you’re looking to set up a solid Ham radio system around your FT-891, then you should consider getting the following accessories.

Best Yaesu FT-891 Accessories

Here are our Yaesu FT-891 accessory reviews.

1. Yaesu ATAS-120A

Yaesu Atas 120a

The Yaesu ATAS-120A is one of the few antennas that will work for your Yaesu FT-891. It covers the HF band through UHF, and even comes with auto self-tuning. The exact frequency range it covers is 40 meters to 450 MHz, which is pretty wide and also covers many other Yaesu FT-857D.

It measures around 60 inches, which also makes it one of the biggest antennas you will find on the market. However, HF antennas have to be this long to cover the required bands.

As per user reviews, it improves the range and performance significantly for your Yaesu FT-891. While it’s definitely very pricey, it’s a high-end antenna that will make your Yaesu FT-891 work like a high-end radio.


  • One of the few antennas that will work for your Yaesu FT-891
  • Comes with an auto self-tuning feature that works great
  • It covers a huge range from 40 meters to 450 Mhz
  • It’s a high-end antenna that improves the performance of your radio significantly


  • It’s an expensive antenna
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2. Yaesu YSK-891 Separation Kit

Yaesu Ysk 891 Separation Kit

If you’re looking to add more convenience and functionality to your Ham expensive with the Yaesu FT-891, then this separation kit would appeal you. It packages a microphone extension cable that allows you to use your microphone without having to sit beside your radio, a control cable, a front panel bracket, and a speaker extension cable.

Just like the microphone extension cable, you can use the speaker extension cable to be able to use and operate the radio in a more flexible way. The other cables, too, allow you to use your radio more conveniently.

While it’s a pricey kit, all the cables are very long and well-made, and the quality is certainly there.


  • This kit offers a lot of convenience and flexibility in using your Yaesu FT-891
  • You can use the microphone and the speaker without having to sit beside the radio
  • Cables are long and well-made


  • Pricey
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3. MFJ RF Power & SWR Meter

Mfj Rf Power & Swr Meter

If you want better tuning with the antenna we reviewed above than what its auto self-tuning function can offer, then this SWR meter would be a great choice. It covers both the HF and UHF that the Yaesu FT-891 operates on.

There’s also VHF that could turn out to be useful for you if you have other mobile Ham radios that operate on the VHF band or are a dual band Ham radio. It also reads power up to 200 watts, which easily covers the Yaesu FT-891.

There’s an LED light that makes it easier to read in dark conditions or during the night. It’s also easy to use and a great addition to an experience Ham’s setup.


  • Covers both the UHF and RF band needed for the Yaesu FT-891
  • Offers better tuning than an antenna’s self-tuning function
  • Supports up to 200 watts of power
  • Comes with an LED light


  • The build quality isn’t the best, but you will do fine if you just use it with a bit of care
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4. Roeam Antenna Analyzer Meter

Roeam Antenna Analyzer Meter

If you’re setting up an advanced Ham setup with your Yaesu FT-891, then the Roeam Antenna Analyzer Meter would make a pretty good addition to it too. It covers the 1 to 60 MHz HF range, while the highest the FT-891 will go is 56 MHz, so it will work pretty well for analyzing antenna you use with your radio.

You can get all the detailed analysis and waveform measurements on your PC using a USB cable, which is not included, but you can use the cable that comes in the separation kit we reviewed above.

It’s easy to operate and quick with its analyzing functionality, while also being easy to read and very well-built.


  • A fairly advanced HF antenna analyzer
  • Covers beyond the 56 MHz frequency that the FT-891 can reach
  • Ability to get the analysis on your PC using a programming cable
  • Easy to use and durable


  • A bit on the higher side, but reasonably priced for an SWR meter that can do HF measurements
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5. Yaesu FT-891 Accessory Bundle

Yaesu Ft 891 Accessory Bundle

If you’re a beginner and want to make your life easier programming the Yaesu FT-891, then this accessory bundle is precisely what you need. It’s a programming software, cable kit, and includes a mini manual and Ham guides for easier programming and better operation of your radio.

It goes a long way in making your FT-891 easy to operate, while probably being the best way to program it for beginners. The cable works well and is also very well-made.

The included Ham guides and mini manual turns out to be a pretty handy resource too.


  • Makes programming much easier for beginners
  • Includes a programming software and cable
  • The included manual and Ham guides makes the operation easier to understand


  • Some might find it a little pricey, but for programming a HF radio like the Yaesu FT-891 it’s reasonably priced
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Yaesu FT-891 Accessories Buyer’s Guide

Some users, particularly beginners, might wonder why exactly they need to buy such an expensive antenna for their FT-891. Well, as we mentioned while reviewing the Yaesu ATAS-120A Ham radio antenna, it’s an antenna particularly designed for your Yaesu FT-891.

There aren’t many antennas that work with the HF band, and the Yaesu ATAS-120A is one of them. It also covers a large frequency range, including the entire range the Yaesu FT-891 offers.

It greatly adds to the overall performance of your FT-891, and helps it offer a kind of range and capability comparable to a truly high-end radio that’s much more expensive.

Easier Programming

The reason we reviewed a programming kit is that the most frustrating part of using a Ham radio for beginners is the programming. The programming kit we reviewed in this post makes programming much easier for the beginners, and is a great way to program the FT-891 for advanced Hams as well.

The included manual and Ham guides also make a useful resource for beginners, allowing them to explore the advanced functionalities of the FT-891.

Antenna Analyzer and SWR Meter

While the antenna we reviewed in this post comes with a self-tuning function that works well, but not all users may buy such an expensive antenna. Similarly, there may be users that would want a better tuning than what the self-tuning function offers.

An SWR meter may turn out to be a great tool in such a case. The one we reviewed in this post works on the HF band while also supporting up to 200 watts of power making it a perfect fit for the FT-891.

The antenna analyzer is another great tool if you want to set up an advanced Ham system or looking to perform advanced Ham operations. It would help you analyze the issues with your antenna that you need to fix in order to get the best performance from your Ham radio setup.

It covers up to 60 MHz, while the max frequency of the FT-891 is only 56 MHz, which makes it another perfect tool to be used with the Yaesu FT-891.