BTECH DMR-6X2 Review

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A quality radio can be a challenging thing to find, and that’s because you typically need to use one of them to determine whether or not they’re worth your money. We want to make buying a radio less tedious, so we’ve decided to review some of the best models around, doing the testing so that you don’t have to.

In this review, we’re going to look at the DMR-6X2 from BTECH, which is one of the more expensive handheld radios on the market.

BTECH DMR-6X2 Features

The first thing that you’ll notice about this radio when you first power it on is the brilliant 1.77” display. This radio is equipped with a full-color screen that will make it easier to keep track of who you’re calling as well as whoever is trying to get into contact with you.

Partly due to the screen being in color, you can toggle between two different modes for daytime and nighttime operation. The blue theme is easier to see in the daylight, as it will help reduce glare, while the black contrast theme is a better choice for the night when you don’t want to strain your eyes.

The DMR-6X2 also has a long memory, and it can log 4000 channels, 10 000 talk groups, and 160 000 contacts. Thanks to its true dual-slot functionality, you can easily have back-and-forth conversations with someone across the same frequency, and this radio is compatible with DMR Tiers I and II.

You also won’t have to worry about having advanced equipment so that you can get this radio set up, as it comes included with a USB cable so that it can connect directly to your computer. Setting it up isn’t the only time when you’ll use this cable, however, as you can also upgrade the firmware with new updates.

This radio works with a wide range of accessories, including the SMA-Female antenna that comes with it. The Kenwood accessory jack further expands the number of extras that can be used with it.

Btech Dmr 6x2Another feature that highly impressed us was the ability to monitor all DMR traffic on the channel. This portable radio is available with a choice of two batteries, with the first lasting 35 hours per charge and the second lasting around 19 hours. The low-capacity battery slightly lowers the overall weight of the radio.


The first thing that we noticed about the DMR-6X2 was its build quality, as it is constructed to much higher standards than a lot of the other radios on the market. The solid build quality made us confident in this radio’s durability, and the buttons don’t have a mushy feel to them when you press them down.

Of course, the performance of this radio is another one of its main advantages, and it offers superior range as well as better signal clarity than more affordable radios. The choice of two batteries allows you to opt for a heavier, longer-lasting HAM radio, or one that is more lightweight yet will need to be charged more frequently.

Finally, the upgradeable firmware ensures that this radio won’t be obsolete anytime soon.


Of course, this model’s biggest drawback is the price point, as it’s a lot more expensive than a lot of other portable radios. Another issue that concerned us was the device locking up, requiring a reset, and we figured that a radio of this quality wouldn’t be plagued with such problems.

We were also disappointed in this radio’s lack of weather resistance, which is something that most buyers would expect from a product in its price range. Finally, this radio can only perform cross-band repeat when it’s operating in digital mode, so primarily analog users may be disappointed.


However, in the end, we’d argue that the DMR-6X2 from BTECH is more than worth its price point, especially when you consider how well made it is and how it performs. The combination of a loud speaker and a microphone which is accurate makes this one of our all-around favorites.

If you’re willing to spend a little bit extra for quality, you can find this radio available on Amazon if you click the yellow button. Whether or not this was the right product for you, we wish you luck in finding the best handheld two-way radio.

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