BTECH Mobile UV-50X2 Review

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If you want to avoid the hassle of returning a radio that you’re unsatisfied with, it’s always a good idea to do your research, especially if you’re paying over 100 dollars for it. The subject of today’s article is the BTECH Mobile UV-50X2, a mobile HAM radio with a few features that help set it apart from the rest.

By the end of this review, it should be easier to determine whether or not this will be the right mobile HAM radio for you.

BTECH Mobile UV-50X2 Features

One of the features that helps set this radio apart from more affordable models is the LCD screen with nine available colors. You can fully customize the color layout as well as the elements that are displayed, allowing you to see the info that you need without things being too cluttered.

This radio is also optimized for monitoring two channels at once, and the dual sync mode allows you to see the frequencies and names of both. However, when monitoring four channels at a time, you’ll have to choose between the frequency or the alphanumeric name, as there are only four lines.

Another impressive feature is the ability to adjust the microphone gain directly through the radio’s menu. The included DTMF microphone features remarkable audio clarity. Scanning has also been simplified on this model, with a dedicated menu making it easier than ever to pick your scanning method.

The UV-50X2 will even save your scanning settings when rebooted, so you won’t have to go back through them every time you power it on. The speaker on this radio is also designed for loud environments or vehicle cabs, with 2W of power that will allow you to hear transmissions clearly.

This radio also comes included with all of the hardware that you’ll need to mount it, including screws, and if you’re going to be using it in your vehicle, there is a vehicle mounting bracket. Despite this model’s full-size design, it only weighs 2.65 pounds, so you can easily relocate it, if needed.

Btech Mobile Uv 50x2There is also a line in/line out 3.5mm jack on this radio that allows you to use headphones and separate microphones so that you can send and receive transmissions more clearly. This radio’s output is 50W on high power and 10W on low power.


One of the things we liked most about this radio was its reliability, as we rarely had any issues with lockups or other problems that would necessitate a reset. For its size, this mobile HAM radio is also relatively powerful, and its compact dimensions make it easier to mount in areas where you don’t have much space.

The instruction manuals are written in the US, so they’re easy to understand, and they guide you through the mounting process with ease. Ease of use is one of the greatest advantages of this model, and it’s a lot more straightforward to program when compared to the competition.

Finally, we were impressed with the quality of the sound when receiving and sending transmissions, and even when the volume was at maximum, distortion was relatively light.


There are a few minor quibbles that hold this radio back from being perfect, but they thankfully don’t overshadow the UV-50X2’s many strengths. The first thing we noticed when using this radio in the dark is that the buttons on the front of it don’t light up, even though the ones on the handset do.

The display was also too small for our liking, as we sometimes had to move closer to the radio to see the channel that we were on. Finally, when setting memory presets, your descriptions can’t surpass seven characters, making it harder to create labels that are easy to organize and read.


While it’s beset by a few relatively minor issues, the UV-50X2 is a great mobile HAM radio, and its price point is reasonable when you consider all that it’s capable of. While this product shines when used in a vehicle mounting, it’s an excellent choice for anyone looking for something portable.

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