C.Crane CC Skywave Review

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If you’re looking for a “complete” shortwave radio that offers pretty much everything you can ask for – especially in a travel radio but without breaking the bank – then this is it. You have found exactly what you’re after.

Let us walk you through everything this little monster has to offer and how it would make you fall in love with it.

Incredible Portability

Assuming most users interested in the C.Crane would consider the portability a very important factor, let us tell you that you likely wouldn’t find anything more portable than this device unless you’re willing to compromise big on the feature front.

The C.Crane is so portable that it can fit into your pocket easily. And to your surprise, that’s without compromising on the performance at all.

In fact, we would go on to say that unless you’re a very advanced user, the performance you would get with the C.Crane would be comparable to something much more expensive like the Tecsun PL880.

Amazing Sound Quality

As we just said, the C.Crane’s performance is surprisingly good despite its incredibly small size. It comes with a smaller mono speaker but the clarity is much better than radios with a much larger speaker like the Tecsun PL-660.

Now, you wouldn’t get any bass from the C.Crane, so listening to the music may not be a perfect experience. However, there’s a separate setting on the C.Crane for music which is basically full bandwidth, allowing you to listen to music better on the device.

The other setting is ‘voice’ which is basically a bandpass or reduced bandwidth, and it makes the voice extremely clear while reducing the noise when connecting to weaker stations.

Great All-Round Performance

The C.Crane really doesn’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to the performance. The operation is surprisingly easy and intuitive. Some customers say they don’t even need to refer to the manual to operate the device unless when they need to use any advanced features.

Despite the keypad not being backlit users have absolutely no problem using it in the dark because the interface is so intuitive you would know all the buttons just by touch.

C.crane Cc SkywaveAM and FM Performance:

The AM performance is super smooth with the C.Crane and picking up stations is a breeze. However, the FM performance is even better, as it picks up pretty much all the stations that you would with a much more advanced setup with something like Sansui tuners and an external antenna.

But the C.Crane magically does the same job with its tiny whip antenna.

AIR and Shortwave Performance:

The same goes for the AIR band. Unlike some other devices – including the more expensive ones – you can hear all the parties with the C.Crane with its squelch feature turning out to be useful as well.

The shortwave performance is just fine too with the device picking up the stations well with a strong reception.

A Lot of Pros

The C.Crane really offers a lot for its size and price. Let us quickly go over its pros:

  • Very small, pocket size
  • Great sound quality and comes with earbuds that are comparable with Bose earbuds
  • Very intuitive and easy to operate
  • Great all-round performance, picks up stations really well with great reception
  • Low battery usage translates to a great battery life
  • Solid build quality
  • Although not the same as a dedicated weather radio, the weather feature is useful
  • Enough memory for storing all your stations and settings
  • Alarm clock and sleep timer


We really don’t think there’s anything negative to say about the C.Crane that would be worth considering. However, here are a couple minor things just to be fair.

  • The weather band is fairly limited in many areas, but it would still be enough for most users
  • The 16-inch long whip antenna might feel a bit on the smaller side for some advanced users but you can always get an extended antenna if that’s the case

Summing Up the C.Crane CC Skywave

The C.Crane is an excellent all-round shortwave radio in its price range and comes with a long list of features. The performance is stellar across the board and unless you’re after a much more advanced (and expensive) device you would be pleased with what it has to offer.

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