DVMEGA UHF Singleband DSTAR Radio Review (Updated 2020)

If you want to have your D-Star hotspot or have any other uses that require a board for your Rasperry Pi, you will want to read on as we review the DVMega UHF Singleband board.

It’s probably the best board you will find at this price, and is a pretty much complete product that doesn’t compromise in any of the important areas. This is also clearly evident by the almost universally positive reviews it has received from the users.

DVMEGA UHF Singleband DSTAR Radio Features

So without further ado, let us walk you through everything that it offers and why you may want to get it too.

Great Operation

You would think you would have to accept some compromise with the DVMega given its price point. But to your surprise, it boasts a solid, smooth operation with absolutely no issues as well.

For having a hot spot for D-Star, you probably wouldn’t find a cheaper, simpler way than to get the DVMega. It even comes with the firmware you would need for DMR, which is important as flashing the firmware can void the warranty.

The setup is fairly simple, and if you can follow the instructions that comes with the product properly you will have it running in like 30 minutes.

Dvmega Uhf Singleband Dstar Radio For Raspberry PiSolid Build Quality

Unlike the cheap JS boards, this one is built to last. It also doesn’t have any offset frequency drift, which is another sign of a quality board that’s very well-built.

At this price, you would be hard-pressed to find a board that offers a better overall durability than the DVMega.

Easy to Set Up

Some users do have issues with setting up the DVMega, but that’s probably because they don’t follow the instructions well. If you follow all the instructions, you wouldn’t face any problem with the setup at all.

All you need to do is plug it into any Rasperry Pi, download the DStar Commander image, flash it on an SD card, and then use your PC to configure it.

The final step is to simply put the configured SD card into your Rasperry Pi, and you will be up and running with it right away.


The DVMega is very functional with a surprisingly smooth operation. It’s the cheapest and simplest way to get your own D-Star hotspot.

It also comes with pre-loaded firmware, so it also saves you of a lot of hassle associated with installing a firmware. Not to mention, you also risk losing the warranty when doing so.

It’s compatible with both the A and B Rasperry Pi. It supports the mono-band UHF 430-450 Mhz.

The 10mW output power would be more than enough for most users too, and pretty good at this price. It uses the chip ADF7021 and ATMEGA 328, which is much better than the chips you will find in cheaper options out there.

All in all, the DVMega offers an incredible value for money at this price point, being a complete board for your Rasperry Pi with great overall functionality and solid durability.


Well, we don’t really think there are any real cons with the DVMega. However, some users do have trouble setting it up.

But as we said, a lot of it is just with the users not following the instructions well. If you follow the simple installation and setup process we explained above, you will likely be good with the installation and set up without any issues.

A minor con is also that you may have to update the firmware. This is especially true for users who would be using the board for DMR or Fusion, as the firmware comes with version 2.29, which may not work with them.

The upgrade may be a bit time-consuming and in some cases, also require the user to buy a programming board, especially if they don’t want to solder any wires.

DVMEGA UHF Singleband DSTAR Radio Review Conclusion

As we have already mentioned when reviewing the DVMega, you won’t find a better value for money with any other board for your Rasperry Pi.

Sure, there are products that may be more functional and boast a slightly better overall technology, but they would be much more expensive than the DVMega.

At this price point, the DVMega is easily your best bet out there. Click on the link below to get in Amazon today!

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