Echolink: Everything you need to know

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Echolink is a radio-based communication system that allows radio stations worldwide to connect with each other. Jonathan Taylor, a radio amateur, designed the idea of Echolink. Echolink runs under a well-equipped window programming. You can use Echolink on your PCs and digital laptops. You can also benefit from a free smartphone app available at your ease. It has very important features which prove its validity of use by the customers.  To make yourself eligible to use Echolink, you need to have an authentic amateur radio license.

The Echolink setup begins with a set of options and modes which are to be chosen by the user. The two important modes include the single user or the sysop mode. As soon as the system starts, it is necessary to enter the call sign and wait for a few minutes for the validation. A server’s tab on your laptop helps you trace the registered stations. A simple link on the Echolink denotes a transceiver tuned to a frequency. On the other hand, a repeater link means a transceiver tuned to the frequency of a nearby repeater.

Connecting to a station is your next step, after which you communicate and chat as Echolink transmits the audio over the internet to the connected stations. The two-way radio-headset and earpieces make the conversation smooth and effective for the users. The timing tab on the screen controls the time limit for the smooth running of the system. After you have finished your conversation, you need to click on a red icon on the screen top to disconnect your network.

Echolink has revolutionized today’s world by contributing to radio communication. It has spared us the use of antennas, cables, and wires. It is not much different from other applications such as Skype, but it has an unusual ability to connect to an amateur radio station’s transceiver. Echolink has a built-in password server that can receive connections from any Internet-connected source. You can also have an idea of the weather forecasts by connecting with the weather radios using Echolink. It protects your security as you can block or accept connections as per your need.

Echolink is designed to operate under Microsoft Windows. There are different editions of Echolink available for iPhones and iPads. They are free of charge and easily accessible on the app store. A newer edition of Echolink has also been introduced for Android users. Echolink has largely enhanced Amateur Radio’s communications throughout the world. It is a complex communication channel that has been evolved over the years. Today we are as connected as ever before from computer to stations and in between the stations.

Presently, Echolink is secondary to none in providing long-range two-way radio communications. If you wish to communicate with amateurs in far-flung areas despite having problems with your in-built radio systems, Echolink is your go-to choice. Using your smartphone app, you can manage to use and benefit from Echolink in the cheapest and the fastest way.

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