Electro Voice RE-20 Cardioid Microphone Review

The Electro Voice RE-20 is an excellent high-end dynamic mic designed for professional recording. It’s commonly used in recording studios, which also reflects its ability to give a professional feel and appeal to your voice while helping avoid many common audio issues as well.

Electro Voice RE-20 Features

So let us now walk you through these things in detail and why we think it’s an incredible professional mic at this price point.

Does Wonders to Your Voice!

There have been many, many users talking about how they are blown away by the way this mic makes their voice sound. They write that their voice never sounded as good as it did with the RE-20.

Even when compared to other expensive dynamic microphones the difference and improvement it offers with respect to your voice is just phenomenal.

The RE-20 is one of the most popular microphones for professional recording, and is even used in recording studios and radio broadcasts.

Eliminates All Audio Issues

Some of the most common issues content creators and other users face is background noise and gain differences. However, the RE-20 completely gets rid of them, with virtually no background noise at all.

This is definitely something to take into consideration, as even some of the more expensive microphones end up having some background noise issues during professional recording.

Its use of “Variable D” helps prevent a lot of other sound issues, including gain differences that we mentioned above. Then there’s also the heavy-duty internal pop filter that goes a long way when it comes to dealing with proximity effects.

It’s also designed in a way that helps it prevent vibration and the vibration-induced noise that comes with it to a great extent.

A refined, clear voice quality also makes the RE-20 a great choice for Hams to use with their Ham radios.

Electro Voice Re 20Amazing Durability

If you think there’s a big trade-off for what the RE-20 offers at a much lower price than other high-end mics, you’re mistaken.

The RE-20 turns out to be an excellent microphone all-round, including being incredibly durable as well.

It feels like no matter how often you end up dropping it on the floor it would continue to hold up just as well. The steel construction is solid and feels great on the hands.


The Electro Voice RE-20 is a high-end dynamic microphone available at a not-so-high-end price. One of the best things about it is that it completely transforms your voice to sound much better than it does with other cheaper mics, or even many other mics in this price range for that matter.

A particular user mentioned they owned other 3 expensive, high-end mics as well, but none of them made their voice sound as good as the RE-20.

There are also no audio issues whatsoever. Background noise is taken care of almost completely, with virtually no noticeable noise as well.

This not only makes it a great choice for any kind of professional recording, but also a great choice for something like your Ham radio base station setup.

The fact that it manages to get around pretty much every other type of audio issue like gain differences, vibration-induced noise and so on, makes it an excellent all-round choice if you’re looking for something to use when transmitting on your mobile Ham radio.

Finally, it manages to be just as durable as it’s functional, making the seemingly expensive price worth it as it should last you a really long time even with a lot of rough use.


The price is one obvious con but only if you don’t compare it to other high-end mics. When you try to find another mic offering the kind of voice quality, clarity, durability and functionality that the RE-20 offers, you will probably conclude that the RE-20 is priced pretty reasonably.

Most other mics even in this price range don’t manage to match the RE-20’s ability to be a perfect fit for professional recording, as with them some of the issues like background noise or gain differences will remain in some form.

A rare few users say that the RE-20 didn’t work as well with their voice, but we would say those opinions are very personal opinions and have nothing to do with the RE-20’s capability as a professional dynamic mic or a great microphone for your two way radio.

Electro Voice RE-20 Cardioid Microphone Review Conclusion

The Electro Voice RE-20 is not expensive. If you consider its all-round functionality and the kind of difference it makes to your voice – and its amazing durability and how long it would last you – you would probably realize it’s one of the cheapest options among all comparable mics.

If you’re after a true dynamic high-end mic without spending a bomb, then the RE-20 is likely your best bet. You can check it out on Amazon by clicking the button below.

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