Electro-Voice RE320 Large Diaphragm Dynamic Vocal Microphone Review

The Electro-Voice RE320 is a dynamic mic built for specific applications that require low voice, and works really well at that.

It’s ideal for a wide range of uses though, as long as it involves talking to someone or doing a podcast or something of the sort.

Electro-Voice RE320 Features

Let us walk you through some important features of the Electro-Voice RE320 so that you can find out what makes it well worth its seemingly expensive price tag.

Great Sound

Most users that bought the Electro-Voice RE320 are all praise for it. Many of them mention in their reviews how the sound quality is much better than they thought, even at this price point.

It almost removes background noise completely, which makes it a great mic for interview-like talks or podcasts.

As a matter of fact, the manufacturer says that the RE320 is specifically designed for recording and sound reinforcement, and it works great at those things. It works amazingly well for pretty much everything that requires a lot voice, extreme clarity and no background noise.

Rock Solid Build Quality

This is one aspect of mics many users do not consider, but they really should. We wouldn’t be surprised to know if many of the Hams out there end up replacing two or three mics for the lifespan of one of their mobile Ham radios.

Simply put, it’s very important to consider the durability as mics always go through rough use. But that’s going to be no problem with the RE320, which is built like a tank and would be able to handle small falls very easily.

No More Cellphone RFI

The problem with many so-called dynamic mics is that they can’t stop or block the cellphone RFI. This ends up causing a lot of interference in the conversations, which obviously takes away the clarity factor as well from your audio.

Verizon and AT&T are particularly notorious for this, as they operate at 700MHZ and 850MHZ respectively. However, the RE320 manages to have a workaround for this typical issue as well.

It completely eliminates such interference, ensures great clarity and details, and sounds great all-round. It also has very low proximity effects, making it an even better option for professional use as well.


Electro Voice Re320For Hams that talk a lot on their Ham radios, the RE320 would probably turn out to be a great choice. It’s designed for professional level conversations, and offers an excellent audio quality.

Unlike other mics out there, it manages to block out interference – including the ones caused by complex cellphone RFI signals – extremely well. This ensures an amazing level of clarity, allowing you to have great conversations where every word comes crisp and clear.

The build quality is definitely one of the best things about it too. There are probably few mics out there that would turn out to be more durable than the RE320.

It’s built like a rock, and would withstand a lot of rough use and quite a few falls pretty well. If you’re looking for something to use for a long period of time, then do not let the expensive price tag scare you into choosing a cheaper mic.

The RE320 would probably turn out to be more economical by lasting you a very long time.


Of course, some users would complain about how pricey it is. But then you get what you pay for.

The RE320 is one of the best mics built for doing what it promises to do: having professional quality conversations in low voice.

Some users also mention about how it can be a bit difficult to set up properly. Some of them also find the design a bit awkward, especially if you tend to use the mic in front of their face.

However, these issues would likely not be deal-breakers for most users, as overall the RE320 offers a great experience.

Electro-Voice RE320 Conclusion

The Electro-Voice RE320 is expensive, but it’s a high-end dynamic mic that offers the best in terms of sound and audio clarity, which makes it worth its price tag.

You would be able to find many cheaper mics as well, but none of them would be able to block external interference the way the RE320 does. Similarly, not many mics are built as well as the RE320, which is sure to last you for years and years.

For users that really need to have a shock mount would probably not be able to find a better option than the RE320.

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