ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit Review

Have you always felt curious how different devices including your Ham radio work? Well, you now have a way to explore your curiosity and find out some secrets!

The ELEGOO UNO kit basically helps you understand how machines work in a practical way without having to mess around with the real ones you own.

ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit Features

Let us discuss a bit on why getting this kit could be a great idea.

Help Understand the Functioning of Devices

It’s fascinating how things like mobile Ham radios or any other device for that matter works. But do you know what goes into the programming of these devices?

Well, this kit is your way to find out! While it’s only a starter kit for beginners, it will help you get a good idea of how these things work.

In fact, despite being a starter kit available at a fairly affordable price, it also allows you to build some sort of device from scratch. Isn’t that amazing?

While some users thought it would turn out to be some kind of toy-ish product given its cheap price, it surprised them by being a complete kit for dipping their toes into the world of Arduino. If you don’t already know, Arduino is simply defined as an open-source electronic prototyping platform.

Great Learning for Kids

If you have kids at home that tend to dismantle their electronic toys or other stuff out of curiosity to find out what’s inside and how it works, this kit would be a solid answer for their curiosity.

Similarly, if you find it hard to prevent your kids from staying glued to their smartphones or other gadgets, then this kit would go a long way in helping them develop a new, more productive area of interest.

Needless to say, it would be an amazing learning experience for them as this simple but complete kit would allow them to build some kind of simple device, understand how circuits work, and how exactly all those complicated devices and gadgets work to some extent.

Users mention how this kit managed to keep their kids engaged for hours and hours until they built their first device using it and were ready for their next stage of programming. If you have got kids walkie talkies for your kids this kit would be great at giving them some insight about how these things work as well.

Elegoo Uno Project Super Starter Kit FeaturesEasy to Start

While this is a complete kit and helps get a real, practical experience of how devices and circuits work, it’s very easy to work with as well. There’s even a free PDF tutorial that comes with as many as over 22 useful lessons.

It also includes 9V battery, power supply module and more.


The ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit is an excellent way to get a glimpse of the world of Arduino. It basically helps users start Arduino programming while learning all the important basic concepts.

Despite being cheap it’s a complete kit that will allow users to build a simple device while working with the circuits. It comes with all sorts of electrical components they would need for doing so, including a 9V battery with DC, power supply module and a lot more.

There are free PDF lessons which makes life easy for beginners, although the entire programming model itself is easy as it’s designed for kids and beginners.


We can’t really see what could be wrong with this kit, especially at this price. Yes, it’s not advanced and wouldn’t help you make a lot of cool stuff, but it would certainly help you learn the basics and understand the concepts of Arduino programming and how circuits work.

Other than that, some users do get a faulty kit which is rare but does happen. However, that’s not uncommon with these kind of products, and the good part is that ELEGOO is always very responsive whenever this happens with a customer and replaces the product for free in a prompt manner.

ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit Conclusion

The ELEGOO UNO starter kit is a great way to feed your curiosity about electrical programming and how most electronic devices work. You would understand circuits, how devices are powered, and a lot more.

Although only basic, it helps you get a real, practical experience, and is also a great way to get kids involved in something that’s both productive and fun.

Find out more about the ELEGOO UNO Project Super Starter Kit by clicking on the link below.

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