Elenco AM/FM Radio Kit Review

The Elenco AM/FM Radio Kit is one of the more advanced radio kits on the market. It offers some unique advantages over other kits, and can be a great choice for anyone looking for a deeper understanding of radio electronics and a more challenging STEM project to work on.

Elenco AM/FM Radio Kit Features

So let us walk you through all the important features of this kit and what exactly you need to make it work.

Advanced Radio Kit

This radio kit quickly stands out from the tens or perhaps hundreds of others out there simply because it’s one of the most unique, most advanced radio kits on the market. There are few kits that let you understand and learn about the functioning of radio electronics in such great detail.

If you’re a Ham, you would be totally blown away after learning a lot of details about the way your Ham radio operates.

Let us tell this to you clearly: it’s not a basic soldering kit. If you want to learn soldering for the most part, there are many other kits available. This is a more complete kit that mostly focuses on all the little details that go into the functioning of a radio, be it an AM/FM radio or something like walkie talkies.

Great, Detailed Learning

As we mentioned above, this kit is probably your best bet when it comes to getting a complete learning experience and understand the workings of radio electronics in great detail.

It allows you to learn how to optimize the operation of a radio, about how tuning and calibrating work in a radio receiver. It’s also one of the best options when it comes to learning to use test equipment, including things like an oscilloscope or your frequency generator.

A particular user mentioned in their review that they have been building different kits since 50 years now, yet they learned a lot of new, cool stuff working on this kit!

56-Page Instructions!

Yes, you get a lot of detailed instructions to build this kit. After all, it’s not exactly beginner-friendly so the instructions definitely come in handy.

The instructions focus on both construction and testing, although they talk about using testing equipment for the most part. What this means is that testing is really an important part of building this kit and making the radio work.

Elenco Am Fm Radio Kit Features


The Elenco AM/FM Radio Kit is one of the most unique and advanced radio kits of its type. It offers one of the most complete radio-building experience ever offered by any kit out there, focusing a lot on the testing part as well and going into great details, something you wouldn’t get to learn or experience with most other kits on the market.

Ranging from tuning to using test equipment, this kit is a great way to learn a lot of useful, interesting things. Furthermore, you get to learn the functioning of radios and similar electronics like kids walkie talkies in great detail. It’s just fascinating!

The instructions are pretty detailed and do a good job of explaining everything, particularly the testing part which can otherwise be a little tricky to understand. While this kit is fairly advanced, it’s still a great choice as a STEM project for kids as long as they are assisted in some way by an adult.

It also comes with a lead-free solder, making it safe for kids as well. There are a lot of parts too, including ICs and transistors, and a unique PCB design.


Perhaps one obvious drawback of an advanced radio kit is that it’s not very beginner-friendly, and the same is true for the Elenco AM/FM Radio Kit as well. While a beginner may not face much trouble putting it together, it may not be as easy for them to make the radio work, as it requires quite a bit of testing and the use of testing equipment.

And that brings us to the second drawback. You need at least some kind of testing equipment to make the radio work.

While some suggest having a single generator and an oscilloscope, some others have been able to make it work using just a multimeter. But whatever it is, you will certainly need at least something to test things to make the radio work.

Elenco AM/FM Radio Kit Conclusion

The Elenco AM/FM Radio Kit is an excellent product for anyone looking to understand the functioning of radio electronics in great detail, and learn many different aspects of their operation than just soldering or some other specific area of their operation.

It comes with detailed instructions and can be a great project for kids too with some adult assistance.

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