Eton Executive Satellite Radio with RDS Review

The Eton Executive Satellite Radio is one of the best satellite radios for people on a budget. Sure, you have better options if you’re willing to spend over $150 or probably more like $200, but at this price this one is a great deal.

Before we discuss this device in more detail, let us tell any amateurs reading this that a satellite radio is a completely different device than something like a satellite phone or satellite messenger.

Eton Executive Satellite Radio Features

The Eton Executive offers the kind of versatility you would find in some of the much more advanced shortwave radios. Just like them, this device can work with every single radio wavelength, including FM (with RDS), AM, Shortwave and more.

In addition to that, it has no problem picking up the VHF aircraft band and the SSB too.

Incredible Performance

The kind of overall performance this Eton satellite radio offers has left many customers flabbergasted.

The range and performance is so good that a particular customer mentioned in their review they can pick up stations on FM that none of their other radios could. The same goes for working as a shortwave receiver too, as the reception is great all-round.

You wouldn’t find much to complain about on the mediumwave front as well, though it could be a little limited at times due to the device’s “soft mute” which can’t be turned off.

Scanning Frequencies

Some customers say that you can’t scan frequencies with this device but that’s wrong. In fact, it’s very easy to scan the frequencies as you just need to hold down the button (the up or down button depending on the direction you want to scan in).

The scanning stops when you reach an active frequency, but you can press down the button again if you want to continue searching.

Eton Executive Satellite Radio With RdsSuperior Functionality

There are also many other features that ensure a great level of functionality too. The RDS is particularly impressive here, while the line input would come in handy for playing other devices.

It also comes with an RF gain control, although it’s not to be mistaken for a squelch control.

Many buttons are also designed to perform more than one function, but that doesn’t translate to any difficulty in operation. In fact, the Eton Executive doesn’t have a steep learning curve and after a while of using it, it will get pretty intuitive.

Lots to Like

There’s indeed a lot to like about the Eton Executive. Let’s quickly go through the pros we discussed above and also some others that weren’t covered.

  • Works with every wavelength
  • Great overall performance across all wavelengths
  • Picks up FM stations like most other radios couldn’t
  • Scanning frequencies is easy and convenient
  • RDS and inline input features are very useful
  • Great functionality and ergonomically designed buttons
  • Fairly easy to use
  • Sleek and stylish design, thin body
  • Very explanative manual
  • Many other useful features like multiple ways to tune into your favorite stations, automatic station storage, scanning delay feature, setting your own frequency intervals and more

Couple Minor Issues

The Eton Executive comes loaded with great features and the performance is excellent all-round. There are a couple minor issues but for the kind of bang for buck you’re getting here you wouldn’t have much of a problem with them.

One of the issues is that the Eton Executive can really swallow up batteries crazy fast. However, an easy way to get around this issue is to use Lithium batteries. They work much better for this device and would last for weeks with moderate usage.

The other minor issue is that there’s no way to turn off the “soft mute.” It may not concern most users but for some it may turn out to be a bit of an annoyance.

Just Go for It!

We review many products here on this blog and we could easily say that there aren’t many that offer the kind of value for money that the Eton Executive does.

It’s versatile and somewhat portable (it’s small but bulky), but its performance is unmatched in its price range.

Once you have the battery issue sorted out the way we recommended above, you wouldn’t want to go back to your other radios unless you have a much more premium one.

So just click on the yellow button below and order this little beast right away on Amazon.

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