Eton Executive Traveler Shortwave Radio Review

The Eton Executive Traveler is one of the cheapest shortwave radios out there that comes with a decent overall performance. While it does not feature on our shortwave radio buying guide’s list, it sure does turn out to be a pretty good option for its price and portability.

If you’re looking for a portable shortwave radio for travel and are on a tight budget, read on as we review the Executive Traveler below.

Eton Executive Traveler Features

When we say unbelievable, we mean that you would find it hard to believe that you can get such a level of FM reception at this price point.

The Executive Traveler is very similar to the Eton Executive in this aspect despite being much cheaper.

It picks up stations pretty well too.

Shortwave Functionality

The shortwave performance isn’t the best you can get, but at this price point it’s probably as good as it can get.

You likely wouldn’t encounter any problem on this front too though, as the shortwave performance is fairly good overall.

The signals are strong and have a great clarity. You wouldn’t hear any noise when using this device as you would when using most other shortwave radios in this price range.

Eton Executive Traveler Shortwave RadioImpressive AM Band Operation

Many users may find a major flaw with the AM band operation when they start using this device, but once they figure out what’s the issue is about they will enjoy a great AM performance too.

The issue is that there’s a beeping sound when operating on the AM band, but what some users don’t know is that it’s only on the signal strength mode.

When you change the display to the other modes, you will not have this beeping sound at all and enjoy clear sound.

Other Important Features

Despite being a cheap budget shortwave radio, it comes with a fairly long list of features and boasts some great sophistication.

One of the other important features it offers is the speaker audio being surprisingly good, especially when compared to some of the other devices in this price range.

Then there are 500 presets, alarm clock, world clock (would come in handy for travelers), LCD display and more.

Many Pros

As we discussed above, there’s a lot to like about the Executive Traveler, especially considering the price it’s being sold at.

It works on every wavelength type, the FM reception is mind-blowing, has no problem picking up even the stations with a weaker signal and still offering great clarity, comes with decent shortwave performance, great speaker audio and a great AM performance albeit with a flaw.

In fact, it actually comes with a PLL tuner that helps improve your AM experience.

There are tons of other smaller features but they all add up to offer a great overall performance. The device itself is very small and hence portable.

The device comes in a leather case and is easy to use once you get the hang of it.

Some Downsides

When you’re getting so much for so less, there’s going to be a bit of a trade-off.

One of the not-so-minor issues is the weaker shielding on the AM circuit. This is particularly a problem for a travel radio, as it’s expected to withstand some rough use and tough conditions.

The other rather minor issue (and actually also a subjective one) is that when you plug in the headphones, the radio switches from the antenna to the headphones automatically.

While this gives you the convenience of listening to your radio while putting it in your pocket, it prevents you from using the antenna even if you want to, which may be a bit annoying for some users.

Is It Worth It?

The Eton Executive Traveler is certainly worth it if you’re not willing to go for a considerably more expensive device. This is especially true if you also want it to be a travel radio or a portable device.

If you tend to operate on different wavelengths and bands though, especially including mediumwave, then maybe you would want to consider a more expensive model like the Sony ICF-SW7600GR.

However, if you do not care much about anything other than FM, then absolutely just go ahead and get it without thinking any further by clicking on the yellow button below.

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