Eton Field Radio (Field BT) Review

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Eton has been one of the few brands that manages to offer some incredibly functional shortwave radios at surprisingly budget prices.

The Eton Field BT is one of them, as it’s rather just another version of some of Eton’s other shortwave radios like the Eton Satellite and the Eton Executive Traveler.

It certainly has its own identity as another shortwave radio though, which is why we will be reviewing it in detail below.

Eton Field Radio Features

If you’re getting a sleek and stylish shortwave radio from a well-known brand at this price point, you would probably expect some trade-off in terms of the features.

But to your surprise, the Field BT manages to be an all-round device with great overall reception, impressive sensitivity, and a decent level of protection against interference.

Excellent Sound Quality

While it’s not exactly hard to find a functional shortwave receiver at this price, it’s hard to get all the important features AND a great sound quality.

Fortunately, the Field BT manages to offer the best of both worlds. It comes with a surprisingly good sound quality with very less background noise, little to no distortion and excellent clarity.

Eton Field Radio ReviewImpressive Overall Reception

The FM reception leaves nothing to be desired as the Field BT would have no problem connecting to pretty much all of the stations whether strong or weak.

The shortwave is pretty good too, but the quality of mediumwave connections would often rely on the device’s soft mute to some extent.

The Field BT comes with an FM telescopic antenna (do not confuse it with a CB antenna) and external antenna connections that support AM, FM and shortwave as well. This is something worth noting too when talking about the overall reception.

Furthermore, it comes with 50 memory stations and is also Bluetooth ready, meaning that you would also be able to stream your own music and podcasts.

All in all, this is some great versatility on offer at this price.

Additional Functionality

Apart from what we discussed so far, the Field BT also comes with some additional features that further add to its overall functionality.

One of them is the ability to scan the frequencies easily by just pressing and holding down the up or down button, depending on the direction you want to scan in.

Then there’s the fine tuning feature and an LCD display that offers great visibility, and also a treble and bass control feature to further enhance the overall sound quality.

Lots of Pros

Summarizing the pros of the Field BT, there are really many of them. From the stylish look to the excellent sound quality to the great overall reception and impressive functionality, the Field BT manages to be a truly all-round shortwave radio.

Some of the other pros we didn’t cover above include the RDS feature which is sure to come in pretty handy as well, and the RF Gain control.

The Bluetooth and fine tuning are another couple useful features, with the overall build quality being excellent as well.


While there aren’t really big trade-offs for what you get, there are a couple minor issues with the Field BT.

One of them is that there’s no option to turn off the soft mute feature, which can be somewhat annoying for some users.

Then there’s the fact that the device isn’t exactly as portable as they make you believe on the listing page, as it’s almost heavy enough to qualify as a table radio.

Finally, not sure if this really qualifies as a “con” but some users seem to be confused about it so let us make it clear that the Field BT doesn’t have a squelch control.

Better Options? Yes! At this price? No Way!

Yes, there are certainly better options out there than the Eton Field BT, but they all cost considerably more than it so you shouldn’t really be comparing it to them.

With that out of the way, the Field BT offers plenty of features and controls at a surprisingly budget price, and unless you’re willing to spend much more on a shortwave radio, it’s really a no-brainer for you.

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