HAM Radio for Dummies Review

Amateur radio, also known as HAM radio, is a hobby that has been going strong for ages, and new people are always looking to get into it. Unfortunately, it can be intimidating for beginners with no experience, and thankfully, there are plenty of valuable sources of knowledge for those who are just getting started.

In today’s review, we’ll be looking at Ham Radio For Dummies, which is a simple beginner’s guide to getting licensed, using your HAM radio, and much more.

HAM Radio for Dummies Features

The book starts off with a short introductory section that covers who the author is and what the book is supposed to accomplish. After these first few pages, the book goes over HAM radio as it exists today and how it has progressed over the years to reach that point that it is currently at.

The author also discusses getting into the HAM radio community and making your first few contacts, though that will often depend on where you’re located. The entire first section of the book is organized around being a part of the HAM radio community and how you can help others make the same step that you are.

Moving into part two of the book, things start to get a little more technical, and the writer begins to discuss how to get your license. First off, he describes the licensing system itself; then he moves on to the techniques you should use when studying for your license, before describing the exam itself.

Part two of the book ends with describing how you get your actual license and your call sign, including a vanity call sign, should you want one. Part three of the book is centered on operating your ham radio, including how you can more clearly transmit and receive transmissions from others.

As the section goes on, it gets more in-depth, including descriptions of casual operating as well as public service operating. This section ends with a chapter that is focused on operating specialties.

Ham Radio For DummiesThe penultimate part of the book is centered on running your own HAM radio station, and it’s a little less detailed than the previous sections. Finally, the book discusses HAM radio jargon as well as some general tips for people who don’t have much experience in the hobby, as well as some fundamentals about radios and electricity.


The best thing about this book is that it’s incredibly detailed and it includes nearly all of the information that someone would want when they’re just getting started with HAM radio. Things like terminology and the basics are things that you don’t often find covered in more specialized materials.

While some would argue that these sections bloat the book, this isn’t supposed to be a guide for advanced users, even though there are sections where it gets rather in-depth. Instead, this is supposed to be a general guide to HAM radio for people who don’t have friends or acquaintances who can help show them the ropes, and it does a great job of that.

We also highly appreciated the sections easing the reader into the HAM community and teaching them about proper etiquette.


Unfortunately, this book lacks focus for someone who knows what they want to do in the world of HAM radio. If you’re just looking to get your license as quickly as possible, then you’d likely benefit from one of the many other resources available that have been specifically written for that goal.

The writing style of this book is also more academic than interesting, which does a good job of conveying the point, but it doesn’t exactly make for exciting reading. Some readers may end up dozing off during some of the more grueling stretches, though these are thankfully far between.


Even though it may not be as to-the-point and technical as some of the detailed manuals out there, Ham Radio For Dummies does an excellent job of introducing entirely new readers to the hobby. Even if you’re just curious about HAM radio, this book can help you determine whether or not it’s right for you.

If you’re looking to get your hands on this book and find out how to take your first steps into the world of HAM radio, you can press the yellow button, and you’ll be sent directly to its Amazon page. We hope that our review has told you everything there is to know about this book.

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