How Good Is The Baofeng Radio Range?

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Data transmission is becoming simple with handheld devices like Radios. Today, these devices are used across many countries for seamless interaction. Likewise, Baofeng Radios offer a smooth flow of information because of the impressive range. However, its radio range depends on a few factors like power, obstacles, and propagation.

How much range does a Baofeng Radio offer?

Baofeng radios are used for multiple purposes and also military services. It offers a striking range of 30 miles which you can extend by fixing a few factors. Some people claim that the device can cover up to a hundred miles but only with a license. However, without any extensions, Baofeng radios are ham radios that are only suitable for basic interaction needs.

Before using the device, consider these points to understand its functioning well. In addition, these tops will give you a clearer idea about Baofeng radios and the range they offer.

  • Baofeng Radios use ultra-high frequency (UHF) and very high frequency (VHF) areas of a spectrum to function. That means it is limited by terrains and can work seamlessly only from one to fifteen miles.
  • In case you wish to make a contact that is a hundred miles away, you will need a high-power and high-frequency radio along with a general license for it.
  • A handi-talkie Baofeng radio that uses VHF can max out up to 30 miles under certain conditions and with few amends.

How to increase the range of a Baofeng Radio?

The standard range may not meet your needs at all times. A fully charged Baofeng radio also has range limitations. Thus, you may wish to improve the overall range to pick radio signals from afar. Completing this task is not impossible. First, however, you need to consider certain factors for your device to support an ideal range.



The chief factor that disrupts range is obstacles. So, check for obstacles is also crucial before improving range. If there is no barrier, the signal will travel smoothly. However, mountains and other obstacles can hamper performance. Also, trees, buildings, and other structures can affect your signal.


Attach an Antenna

An antenna is a perfect tool for improving range. It helps cover a certain distance in no time and supports well for better quality transmissions. Using an antenna can assist you in covering a notable distance in no time. However, ensure you connect the tool outdoors for better performance.

Longer antennas give better coverage. Go for a suitable length to increase the chances of receiving and sending signals. For example, upgrading a 5-inch rubber antenna to 14-inches can make a significant difference. Antennas can give you around 15 km of range without any issue. Pick the right tool for fine results.

Now that you have a clearer idea about the Baofeng radio range, you can easily use this device. Buying one for emergency purposes is always beneficial as this radio has one of the longest reaches. Check for reliable stores and get your ideal two-way radio.

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