How to Deal with Power Line Noise in The City?

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Power line noise is one of the main problems in communications and broadcasting, and it is on the rise. The power line noise mostly affects electronic noises, and it has been increasing day by day. These sounds are characteristic, and they are very harsh and mostly interfere with radio communications and broadcasting. This power line noise can be very disturbing in the city, and it will be best for you if you manage to deal with it in a good way. There are many ways to deal with the power line noise, and today in this article, we will briefly discuss how you can deal with the power line noise in the city.

Cause of power line noise and its solution

The are many causes of the power line noise, and you should fix it as soon as possible because it can interfere between your radio communications and broadcasting and at the same time it is a disturbing noise. For example, you may have a terrible bumping noise while operating your 2 meter AM. The AM can play a vital role in the power line noises. These noises will mask out all the weak signals on the FM as well, and you will not come to know about it. It is a high noise even at 600 meters and above too.

If you hear a power lien noise, you may call the Power Company, and they will send guys to deal with the power line noise. You may also notice that what is causing this issue. With your AM receiver and a 4-element beam, you may find a noisy power line pole. Check the distance of that power pole as well. Show that spot to the engineer, and he will have an Ultrasonic Arc Detector. It will help to convert the 40 kHz to the regular frequencies down to the base land.

You will be able to confirm the noise with the help of more angular resolution. You also need to reach the metal cross arm support braces. I can be done with the help of a bucket truck, hammer it in the ground from the side of the pole to reach the braces. When you hit the cross-arm braces, hopefully, the noise will stop. The big metal screws are used to attach the braces from the poles’ sides, and they are 3 feet long. To completely shut the noise, pound the screws in a little more, and the work will be done. You may also use wooden braces instead of metal braces.

Around the power lines, also check the HV fields. It should induct enough voltage into the bracket to the arc and then to the boult. You may notice some brackets that will look like a 2-meter half-wave antenna. Also, check the 8KV insulator crack and change it if it is too much old.

The power lien noise in the area is caused just because of the details mentioned above. If you notice the power line noise, you will have to fix it by following the solutions mentioned above.

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