How To Find Your ITU and CQ Zone

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Are you an amateur ham radio operator looking to easily find your ITU and CQ zone?

Finding your ITU and CQ zone is easy when you have a map showing ITU and CQ zones. You don’t need to search far for them. ITU maps and CQ zone maps allow you to enter in an exact location. They will then let you know the proper zone.

Where to find ITU and CQ zones

Here’s a few great websites that show ITU and CQ zone locations:

Does a KML File Show CQ Zones?

No, you’re better off using one of the websites that we listed above.

What are ITU and CQ zones used for?

ITU and CQ zones are used to help identify where you are in the world. Contests use them to determine which regions you’ve contacted. Due to geographical differences between countries, it’s easier for participants in some countries a higher number of different countries. The ITU and CQ zones help even the playing field.

Who Manages the CQ Zones and ITU Zones?

CQ Magazine manages the CQ Zones. ITU manages the ITU zones. The AARL manages the ITU zones for the United States and Canada.

One thing to note is that the ITU zones weren’t intentionally created for amateur radio. Various amateur radio contests decided to use them since they were perfect for ham radio contests.