How to Get on the 220 MHz Band Without Spending a Lot?

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220 MHz band, also known as 1.25 Meter or 222 MHz bands, is used in the radio spectrum of VHF, and it is allocated for amateur radio. On a primary basis, they are used in ITU region two, and the frequency range of the 220 MHz band is from 220 MHz to 225 MHz. In many countries like the United States and Canada, the 220 MHz band is used primarily, but it is not allowed to use in ITU Region 1 and ITU Region 3. The frequencies range of the 220 MHZ band is used primarily by amateur radio operators for local communications.

How to get on the 220 without spending a lot?

These radios are very expensive, and to get on the 220 MHz band, you will have to spend a lot of money. These radios will consume hundreds of dollars. And spending this much money, you will only be able to hit one or two repeaters in your area. So, is it necessary to spend a lot of money to get on a 220 MHz band?

No, there is no use in spending a lot of money to get hands-on the 220 MHz band. Many Chinese radios have flooded the market, and they have taken almost all the market in their control. The Chinese Tri-Band HT is the best all-around performer.  The Chinese 220 band is also available, and it has been improved a lot to compete in the US market. One of the best Chinese bran is Baefeng, and it has been modified and updated both from the outside and inside.

There are some other models and brands as well that have proved to be the best.  One is BF-R3, and it is similar to the UV-5R; it has also been updated and upgraded, and it reduces the harmonics with the help of filtering. It comes with a 3800-ma battery and works perfectly, and its price starts from 30.00, and it has two antennas, one is for the 220 and the other is a dual bander for 440. It will be the first step of your making to get on a 220 MHz band.

First, check how many 220 repeaters you can bring in your area as it is very difficult to get a repeater within 7-10 miles if you have a radio of power less than 5 or 5 watts. In this case, you must use a 220 mono-band antenna, and it comes in just for 27.00 from ED Fong. There are also dual-band antennas available for Ham radios, and they are used for the field day. You can also hang them with the tree to use them.

The Ed’s antenna is specially built to cut the range of 222-240 MHz. You will also need RG-58 cable and RG-174 cable to reduce the stress on the antenna to work perfectly.  At 22 feet, mount the 3 ft.PVE antenna and it will allow hitting six repeaters in 25 miles with only 5 watts. You can try 220 for low cost, but if you want the things to become cheaper, make an antenna after buying a radio yourself.

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