ICOM 2300H 05 144MHz Amateur Radio Review

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If you’ve been considering purchasing a durable ham radio for your vehicle, then the ICOM 20300H 05 144MHz Amateur Radio is certainly worth looking into. It’s sleek design makes it the perfect fit for virtually any car, truck, van, SUV – or any other type of vehicle; plus, it’s loaded with features that will allow you to make the most of two-way radio communication with ease.

If you’re interested in finding out more about this ICOM amateur radio, keep on reading! Below, we offer a detailed review of this high quality device and share why we think it is such a great investment.

ICOM 2300H 05 144MHz Amateur Radio Overview

ICOM is one of the most trusted names in the ham radio transceiver industry. They make a variety of devices that are easy to use and loaded with features. Their 2300H 05 144MHz Amateur Radio is the next generation of their 2200H model, one of the most popular devices that the manufacturer offers. Given the upgraded features and the more compact design, this model is sure to become a favorite among ham radio users who are looking to install devices in their vehicles

The biggest difference of the 2300H is that it’s more compact than the 2200H; measuring just 10 inches by 5 inches by 8 inches and weighing only 2.43 pounds, it’s definitely more streamlined than the original model. The sleek profile and lightweight design is more beneficial because it takes up less space, and it can fit into more vehicles. Additionally, if you want to use it in different vehicles, you can easily do so; it’s so lightweight that you can pop it right out of its mounting bracket and pop it into a different one with total ease.

A compact design isn’t all that the ICOM 2300H has to offer. It’s also equipped with some pretty impressive features. It boasts a 207 alphanumeric LCD display monitory that can be adjusted to green or amber and is easy to read in any type of lighting. So, whether it’s day or night, you’ll have no trouble seeing the screen. Another notable feature is the several scan functions that it offers, which includes bank, full, programmed, memory, bank link, scan, and priority. With so many scan functions, you can select the best choice for your needs, whatever they may be. This transceiver is also incredibly durable. Its chassis is constructed of diecast aluminum, which provides exceptional dissipation of heat and maintains RF output. It has undergone rigorous MIL-STD 810 G testing, including vibration, shock, and temperature tests, and it has passed every one, so you’ll have peace of mind knowing that it will be able to withstand the most rugged roadways without being damaged.

ICOM 2300H 05 144MHz Amateur RadioThis vehicle transceiver also receives weather alerts, so you will be able to stay abreast of the latest conditions and make changes to your plans, as necessary, so you can stay safe. The audio is crisp and loud, so you’ll have no trouble hearing whomever you’re communicating with. Thanks to the power supply voltage, which displays right on the LCD screen, you’ll be able to keep tabs on how much power you have left. Other key features that the ICOM 2300H is outfitted with include:

  • An s-meter squelch
  • An automatic repeater
  • A timeout timer
  • A repeater lockout
  • A DTMF autodial
  • An automatic power off
  • The ability to select between narrow and wide channels
  • Various scan functions, including memory, bank, programmed, skip, tone, full, and much more
  • 65 watts of stable output

With such durable construction and so many features, you can be sure that this ham radio will meet all of your communication needs while you’re on the road.

What We Like About It

  • Very easy to use
  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Rugged construction that can withstand temperature and shock extremes
  • Clear, easy to read LCD screen
  • Offers 207 alphanumeric memory channels
  • Multiple scan functions
  • Features both wide and narrow channel settings
  • S-meter squelch
  • Automatic power off
  • Affordably priced

Reasons to Complain

  • A few customers noted that the user manual was lacking pertinent information and was difficult to understand

Final Verdict: The ICOM 2300H 05 144MHz Amateur Radio is the perfect ham radio for use in all types of vehicles. With a low profile design and a wealth of features, combined with it’s easy of use and affordable price tag, this is an outstanding transceiver for communicating when you’re on the road.

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