Icom IC-718 HF Review

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Finding the right high-frequency radio can often be a stressful proposition, especially if you’re in the market for a mid-range product which can cost you several hundreds of dollars, if not thousands. HF models typically make for excellent long-range radios. Today, we’re going to review the IC-716 HF from Icom.

To make sure that all of our readers know what to expect from this product, we’ll first discuss the most notable features of the IC-718 HF, and then we’ll go over what we liked and what we disliked.

Icom IC-718 HF Features

The first thing that sets this radio apart from similar models is the front-mounted speaker, which is louder and clearer, ensuring that you can hear everything. To further improve the clarity of transmissions that you receive, this high-frequency radio is equipped with noise reduction technology.

The inclusion of an automatic notch filter helps further improve transmission quality, and the interference rejection feature helps cancel out any interfering signals. If you’re communicating at longer distances, and your partner is having trouble hearing you, you can activate the microphone compressor so that you’ll be more audible.

This radio even has a VOX feature, detecting audio over a certain volume so that you no longer have to push anything down to talk. Scanning is simplified by the inclusion of an RF gain control which will allow the radio to ignore signals that are too weak to effectively monitor.

If you would like to stabilize high-frequency transmissions, this radio is compatible with the optional CR-338 unit. This high stability crystal will allow you to improve your VHF stability to +/- 0.5 ppm. The inclusion of an AH-4 control circuit also means that you can easily tune this radio to your liking.

Simplicity is one of the core design tenets of this radio, and it features a minimalistic exterior design that will help reduce confusion for first-time users. The buttons are also positioned near each other so that it’s easier to remember them by muscle memory over time.

Icom Ic 718 Hf ReviewThe IC-718 HF also comes included with a variety of other features like a noise blanker, an RF attenuator and pre-amplifier, and more. The memory on this radio can hold 101 channels, so you won’t lose track of your favorites. The unit itself is also relatively lightweight and compact, so it’s a bit more portable than other HF radios.


If you’re looking for something with a reasonable price point that is still relatively reliable, then the IC-718 HF from Icom is a great place to start. This radio comes equipped with a bunch of features that help keep your signal as clear as possible, and the button layout makes it easier to use.

As you would expect from Icom, this radio features excellent build quality, so you won’t have any problems with it falling apart on you. Now that Icom has started to include the DSP module with this product, it provides the buyer with greater value than ever since it was nearly always essential.

The included AH-4 tuner also means that beginners can save some money on a component that they may not have.


Even though the forward-facing speaker is designed to focus the audio so that it’s easier to hear, you’ll still need a pair of headphones to hear everything clearly. Another problem is that there is only a single antenna jack in this radio, meaning that it’s relatively limited when it comes to expansion potential.

Unfortunately, this radio doesn’t come included with everything that you need to get started. Much like with other HF radios in this one’s class, you’ll need to get your hands on a 12 volt/12 amp external DC power supply.


If you aren’t looking to expand your radio’s capabilities too heavily, then this model from Icom is an excellent entry-level option for a reasonable price. Coming with nearly everything that you need to get started with your HF radio hobby, all you’ll need to purchase a DC power supply for this model.

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