Iridium 9555 Review

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When searching for a satellite phone, you’ll want something that’s reliable and provide the connection you need to make a call. Fortunately, the Iridium 9555 is equipped with the latest technology and features to do so.

If you’re traveling in remote destinations, then you’ll know that having one bar of service is the most you’ll get with certain phones. In this review, we’ll look at the Iridium 9555. We will describe its features, strengths, and weaknesses, and everything needed to know if this is the right satellite phone for you.

Iridium 9555 Features

On the back of the phone is the phone’s battery access. It includes the SIM card slot under the battery. On the front of the phone is a green and red key, and two arrows (up and down).

There is a headset jack, a mini USB port, DC power jack that is placed on the side. They have rubber flaps which are used to protect the jacks from outside elements. It had an on/off button that’s

You have 3 different ways to talk on the phone. You can use the headset, use the speakerphone, or hold it next to your ear.

Large Memory

Need a phone with some good memory? The Iridium 9555 has you covered. Users can store 100 entries on the phone’s address book. You can check your call history to find your incoming, outgoing, and missed calls on your phone.


Iridium 9555 ReviewAlthough it s a heavy-duty satellite phone, the Iridium 9555 is lightweight and portable. The kit comes with a charger, and the battery weighs less than a pound. Thus, making it easier to bring this device around even if your trip destination is at Mt. Everest.

Since the Iridium Satellite allows you to be connected to people that are thousands of miles away, it’s a great choice for when you have to travel across the glove for your occupation.

Integrated Speakerphone

Iridium 9555 has a speakerphone that allows for hands-free satellite communications. It’s located to the right of the directional arrows on the phone, and its loud enough to be heard clearly throughout the room.


Another plus is the phone’s size. While it’s not completely tiny, its smaller than most competing satellite phones. Iridium was able to do this by placing an antenna inside of your phone. The phone’s shape is so ergonomic that it can be used without causing strains to your hand.

Tired of holding your phone everywhere you go? Users can purchase a headset and control the phone through your voice.


With the Iridium 9555’s illuminated display, you won’t have any using your phone during the day or night. Its illuminated keypad makes it easier to see in the dark, making it a great use for future hiking, trekking, and camping trips.

Improved SIM Card

There are some satellite phones that have weak sim cards, making it difficult to use in remote areas. The Iridium 9555 doesn’t have this problem. When in use, the SIM card provides access to the nearest satellite, improving the chances of getting a good reception during an emergency.

International Dialing Sequence

If you already know how Iridium’s satellite phones work, you’ll notice how easy it is to dial out. Fortunately, the 9555 has the same international dialing sequence. You can transfer your current SIM card from the 95505A to the new 9555 card.


One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard was due to the battery’s charging problem. Consumers stated that some of the new batteries are warped, so the battery is unable to reach the corresponding points on the phone. Your phone might not be able to charge, or turn on if this occurs.

Low Battery Size

While the Iridium 9555 is good for short weekend trips outside home, some users have complained about its low battery power. 4 hours of talk time can feel restrictive, and its 30 hours of standby time might feel small in comparison to other devices. We suggest that you bring an extra charger or batteries to keep the phone powered.


Overall, we believe Iridium 9555 is a useful satellite phone wherever you go. For a phone with so many features, it’s easy to use and small in comparison to its other brands. It’s water resistant, and are able to sustain a couple of rain drops without having ill effects.

The voice calls are clear and are sent to the phone without delay. And when using the headset, the voice calls still sound audible. So consider getting the Iridium 9555 if you’re ready to experience a high-end phone for international usage. You can click on the yellow button to see the product on Amazon.

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