Iridium Go! Review

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Are you planning on buying your first satellite phone? Wouldn’t it be fun if you could use your smartphone regardless of your location, and still receive signal in remote locations? If this solution appeals to you, then you’ll be excited to learn more about the Iridium Go!

Whether you need a phone for occasional use, or if you’re looking for something for regular travel purposes, the Iridium Go is an affordable, innovative, and powerful choice. Throughout this review, we’ll give you the information needed to see if this satellite phone is the right choice for you.

Iridium Go! Features

The Iridium Go! Satellite Phone is a phone that functions like a MiFi hub for mobile data, but with an added SOS facility, SMS text messaging, and a facility for voice calls. Users can easily set up and activate the phone by rotating its antenna by 90 degrees and place it in an upright position.

Communication to smartphones and tablets is via WiFi – which gave the unit a consistent signal once powered on. The interface shows two free apps that users have to download in advance – Iridium Mail for web browsing and email, and Iridium GO! Which is used for SMS messaging and voice calling.

It’s battery powered unit connects to Iridium’s low energy orbit (LEO) satellite constellation. Similar to your home WiFi network, its easily connect to smartphones and tablets that are within a 100 ft radius.

Through its apps, you can easily send files and photos, send phone calls, download GRIB, and weather routing files, and more. Thanks to its app selection, users found it easier to communicate with others using this device.

For emergencies, you’ll want a satellite phone that can get you the help you need. For example, it includes an SOS feature that gives you emergency support by GEOS Travel Safety Group wherever you go with no additional charge.

Also, it has a PredictWing Offshore App, which is great for finding local weather forecasts. It can help you find weather routes, GRIB files, satellite imagery, and GMDSS text forecasts. Thus, making it easier to receive weather reports on your next travel destination.

Iridium Go! ReviewBased on its build construction, the Iridium Go! is compact enough to fit in your pocket. The phone is solidly built so that you can use it in rainy, dusty, or windy conditions. And it features  IP65 ingress protection and MIL-STD 810F durability, which protects the device from falls and other forms of damage.


There are a lot of reasons why consumers love the Iridium. Go! First, it gives you access to detailed and good weather forecasts. It enables you to conduct business overseas while sending and receiving phone calls, sending SMS messages, unlimited email access, while still being able to post on social media.

You can set different privileges to a specified user account. For instance, one user can have the ability to make outbound calls, while the other account is limited to texting. Since the Iridium Go! Is designed for multiple users at once, this feature is great for budget protection.

The Iridium Go! is a great choice for texting, and Iridium provides some affordable plans for unlimited texting. Also, it’s good for vehicle tracking. Users can send out position reports that are 5 minutes apart. This means that choosing one of the unlimited texting plans helps you receive global vehicle tracking – every five minutes for an affordable monthly fee.


Some users had issues with getting an accurate signal. But with some patience, users will be able to use the Iridium Go! effectively. It an average data speed range of 2400-2800 bps, which is too slow to use web browsing applications. We suggest that you limit your data usage in order to get the most out of this device.

Another minor flaw is that the phone is currently limited to iOS and Android users. Apparently, Mac and Windows PC users will have to wait. Despite these issues, the Iridium Go! Does operate at a sufficient level, but you’ll need to configure it based on your location.


Overall, this is a well thought out piece of technology that provides the functions of a sat phone, SPOT devices, and GPS. And by leveraging the phone’s user-friendly screen, the Iridium Go! G gives you more functionality within the nearest satellite network, in a more compact, weatherproof package than its competitors.

When traveling, a satellite phone is necessary to alert others if you are in trouble. The Iridium Go! is designed for this, as its GPS enabled apps to allow you to get in contact within seconds. Simply press the red button on the phone, and you’ll receive the help you need.

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