Kaito KA321 Shortwave Radio Review

If you want to go shortwave DX-ing at an incredibly budget price, the Kaito KA321 is exactly what you’re looking for.

It’s probably priced cheaper than many toys out there, but that doesn’t take anything away from its performance, or even its ability to connect to stations all over the world for that matter.

As you can tell, we have a lot to share about this little device that has left us amazed. So let’s walk you through everything it has to offer.

Kaito KA321 Features

What would you expect from a shortwave radio that costs about $20? Not much, right? But the kind of performance it offers would absolutely blow you away.

One of the most impressive things is that it can receive broadcasts from all over the world, especially when there aren’t many interferences like weather issues (if that’s a deal-breaker for you perhaps check out our picks for weather radios?).

Then there’s also the sports DSP (Digital Signal Processing) to further enhance the reception, which it actually does.

In the absence of any major issues like the ones we mentioned above, the KA321 has little problem tuning in to a surprisingly wide range of stations across the world.

The telescopic antenna it comes with is sturdier than it might seem, and it can rotate 360 degrees. It’s also extendable and very well-made.

Amazing Portability

Did we tell you the KA321 can easily fit into your shirt’s pocket? Yes, the KA321 is indeed a palm-sized device despite its amazing performance we discussed above.

You only need to put in two AA batteries and you will be all set for amazing shortwave radio experience at an ultra budget-friendly price.

Kaito Ka321 Shortwave Radio ReviewGreat Overall Reception and Sound

While we did talk about these features above, it’s worth going into detail so that you truly understand the kind of value you’re getting here.

You would have no problem connecting to stations from multiple countries right off the bat. Despite being a tiny and cheap device, the KA321 picks up stations really well, which is true for AM and FM as well.

To your surprise, there would also be no distortion but great clarity. Despite its built-in speaker being very small, it gives out pretty good sound.

It gets even better with earphones as you can easily identify adjacent signals.

Some Great Pros

At this price, you wouldn’t expect a lot. But you do get a lot.

The reception, the sound, the performance on shortwave as well as on AM and FM (further enhanced by Digital Signal Processing), the portability and size the 360-degree rotating telescopic antenna and more, is an incredible bunch of features to get at this price.

As a matter of fact, there’s probably no other shortwave radio in this price range that offers both FM and AM as well, let alone offering a great reception on them too.

There are some other impressive features too like an FM stereo, great stylish look for the price, two FM bands, rigid but very functional buttons for volume and controls and the list goes on.

What About the Trade-Offs?

It’s hard to think the KA321 cannot have any trade-offs given its price and everything that it offers, but again, to your surprise, there are none.

None that we would term as a “trade-off,” at least. There are a couple minor issues that we will share with you, but they are just that: minor issues.

The user manual is certainly one of them; you can tell it’s written in English, but that’s all you can tell about it. You wouldn’t be able to understand anything written in it.

The other really minor issue is that some of the buttons can feel a little rigid, but again, as we mentioned above, they are functional and nothing you would struggle with.

Are You Still Not Sold?

Unless you’re looking for a completely different product, you can’t not be sold at this point. Even the most terrible salesman can sell this little monster to the most demanding of customers.

If you’re looking for an ultra portable shortwave radio with FM and AM at an ultra budget price – without compromising on the sound quality or reception in any way – stop wasting time and click on the yellow button below to order the Kaito KA321 right away at Amazon.

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