Kenwood TM-V71A Review

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The Kenwood Original TM-V71A is one of the pricier CB radios on the market but also one of the better ones. It’s a fairly advanced CB radio and comes with some great features that make it worth it for users who do not want to settle for something more basic.

But it can also be a great choice for beginners, so read on as we review the TM-V71A in detail regardless of your needs.

Kenwood TM-V71A Features

The TM-V71A is an advanced dual-band radio that works great for users as their VHF and UHF rig. It has received incredibly positive reviews with the vast majority of them being a 5-star.

The RF power output is impressive at 50W, great memory with 1,000 multifunction channels, the dual receive feature works on the same band too, and 3 different types of operation is possible:


The control head is detachable and the unit boasts a five-in-one programmable memory.

Advanced but Easy Programming

As we just mentioned, the TM-V71A comes with a five-in-one programmable memory and allows you to program pretty much everything related to a specific station and repeater.

But the programming is still fairly easy especially if you use the right set up. We recommend getting the software and cable from RT Systems which will make the programming much easier and faster for you.

You can make the programming further easy and convenient by using and importing the repeaters’ data that you can find there. The system we recommended above will allow you to do this.

Kenwood Tm V71a ReviewSimple Interface

There are many users praising the TM-V71A for its ease of use despite all the advanced features and functionality. This is especially because of the dual volume or what some users would call the squelch knobs that give you a lot of freedom and allow you to set things up exactly the way you want.

While a terrible user manual is a surprisingly common problem with most radios, it’s not the case with the TM-V71A as it comes with a very detailed, easy-to-understand user manual. This really adds to the overall ease of use too as it helps you get familiar with the unit and its functioning much faster.

Great Sound and Build

Of course, the sound has to be really good too with all the other great features we discussed so far. The clarity is great and there don’t seem to be many radios even in a considerably higher price range that can offer a better sound quality than the TM-V71A.

The same goes for the build quality too which is very impressive and sure to stand the test of time.


The TM-V71A offers some great pros including the advanced functionality, great controls, simple user interface, advanced programming that can be made surprisingly easy with the right set up and a great overall sound and build quality.

There’s more to it too like the great display and the Echolink feature.


Most users that bought the TM-V71A haven’t been able to find anything negative to say about it, and we haven’t been able to find anything worrying to say about it either.

Perhaps the only thing is that it can be hard to resolve some complicated issues even after getting in touch with the customer service.

It’s not that they are hard to get in touch with but they don’t seem to be as well-versed with radio functionality and technology as they probably should be which does leave some room for not getting the solution you need for some specific issues.

That said, you always have Google and probably about 12,000 forums for radio enthusiasts to get a much better quality of help so don’t let that turn you away from this otherwise great product.

Great Choice for Advanced Operations

Ranging from people with decades of experience with HAM radios to beginners that could barely operate a walkie talkie, pretty much everyone has had a great experience with the TM-V71A.

While it’s great for advanced operations in particular, it can be just as good a choice for beginners as it’s easy to use and operate especially with the setup we mentioned above.

This allows beginners to get a feel of the advanced stuff as well without making things harder for them, which really helps them get the best of both worlds.

So with that said, regardless of whether you’re an advanced user or a beginner radio enthusiast, clicking the yellow button below and ordering the TM-V71A at Amazon would serve you well.

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