Kenwood TS-480HX Review

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This review is going to be a little different than most other reviews we have on our blog, as we will be reviewing one of the most advanced and powerful CB radios on the market in this post.

The TS-480HX is surely not a budget radio by any means, but for those that are looking for some serious performance and radio activity, it’s going to be an absolute pleasure to use.

So hold your breath as give you a glimpse of the incredible power and performance it brings to the table.

Kenwood TS-480HX Features

There are few radios out there that can match the kind of power the TS-480HX offers. Even the most advanced of users have mentioned in their review that at 200 watts, the TS-480HX outpowers all their radios they have got over their years or, in some cases, decades.

One of the users in particular mentioned in their review that they have been licensed as an Extra for about 30 years now and have used a wide range of advanced, high-end radios but they are yet to come across anything as powerful, robust and stable as the Kenwood TS-480HX for mobile operations.

Another user also mentioned that they expect to be able to get into the competitive QSO parties and DX attempts thanks to the 200 watts power.

Great Reception

If you’re wondering, let us make it clear that the TS-480HX’s power doesn’t come with a compromise on the reception, or any other important factors for that matter.

Users that have been using the unit since years tell how people can easily receive them across the world. Even for users that are an NCS on several nets the TS-480HX never disappoints despite the requirements being very demanding in their case.

Kenwood Ts 480hx ReviewIncredible Functionality

Perhaps the only thing that matches the TS-480HX’s power is its functionality. It comes with a long list of bells and whistles that certainly add to the overall performance and user experience quite a bit.

There are different filters that you can use to tweak things a bit and figure out a combination that helps you achieve optimum performance.

While initially you would be starting with PPT on HF, but you would be able to explore the many other settings as you get more familiar with the device.

It also covers all the Amateur bands and the entire HF band, so no restriction on the performance or functionality whatsoever.

Power and Pros

While we have already discussed why the TS-480HX is one of the most powerful radios even in this price range, some of the other features are very impressive and worth discussing too.

The great reception, ability to operate on the entire HF band and all the Amateur bands, great performance even under challenging conditions, impressive sound and clarity, many bells and whistles like being able to monitor split frequency and two coolers that are not too noisy all combine to offer some of the most impressive radio performance you may have ever experienced.

Any Deal-Breakers?

There are certainly no deal-breakers. In fact, we don’t think there’s even a genuine con here with the TS-480HX.

If we just had to almost make something up though, we would say that a 40 Amp power supply may not be perfectly enough for the power of the TS-480HX, and you may need a bit more power than that.

And while not a con, some users do say that the TS-480HX manages to work great even on a poor CB antenna, but you will certainly get a more impressive performance with a better antenna setup.

An Absolute Beast!

The TS-480HX is hard to beat for the most powerful of radios out there thanks to its 200 watts power and some amazing functionality and overall reception.

While there would be a bit of a learning curve as there are many advanced features and bells and whistles, but the time you invest in learning to fully operate the radio would be worth it as the TS-480HX would really allow you to do things you probably couldn’t with any of the other radios you may have used before.

So if you’re after some serious radio performance and experience, do not hesitate in getting the TS-480HX by clicking the yellow button below and ordering it on Amazon.

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