Kenwood TS-590SG Review

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Kenwood is known for making advanced CB radios and HAM radios, and the TS-590SG is no exception as a full-featured HF + 6M ham rig.

It’s certainly not a beginner radio and the price tag does make that pretty clear, but you still get a great value here as you will be hard-pressed to find a better option at a lower price.

It’s a very advanced device with a ton of features so we will focus on some of its most important features below.

Kenwood TS-590SG Features

Users that bought this radio are all praise for it as they have never been able to get a better audio from any other radio they ever owned.

A particular user mentioned in their review how they have been consistently getting great audio reports from the TS-590SG for about 11 months now.

The great audio is very impressively coupled with what is easily one of the best roofing filters you would have ever come across.

The audio is further enhanced by the noise reduction function of the TS-590SG, which is activated at just the touch of a button.

Solid Build Quality

You can tell that this beast is going to last you for a very, very long time. Kenwood is known for making robust devices with great build quality but the TS-590SG seems to be one of their better products even by that standard.

You would be surprised to know that the Texas Instruments processor Kenwood has installed in the TS-590SG is exactly what’s used in the Icom-7600, which is priced about $3,000.

Kenwood Ts 590sg ReviewImpressive Functionality

You can find tons of buttons on the front of TS-590SG, and they all lead to some useful feature. Something you would like in particular is the mike monitor feature, as it allows you to choose from the six default eq audio settings according to your voice.

You need to listen using headphones when doing this.

While it’s a bit of a subjective thing, you probably won’t go wrong with HB2 (high-boost 2) when using the handheld mike.

Just to give you an idea of the range of functionality you get with the TS-590SG, there are a total of 99 menus. You can find them all by pressing the MENU button.


There aren’t many reviews for the TS-590SG, but the few that you find make it clear that the TS-590SG is a great transceiver and is easily comparable to some of the much more expensive radios out there.

The build quality is solid, the audio is clear and detailed, there are 6 meters, 99 menus and a lot more. The TS-590SG is also very smartly designed so that you don’t have to do a lot of back and forth when switching between important features and there are tons for buttons for pretty much everything you need, including features like noise reduction, menu and scan.

There’s also LED backlight, selectable color tone, advanced automatic antenna tuner and more. You also get a mic with the radio.


Honestly, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the TS-590SG, especially at this price. You seem to be getting pretty much everything you do with a radio priced around the $3,000 mark, so it’s hard to find anything wrong with the TS-590SG.

However, there is one negative review from the user for the TS-590SG on Amazon, but it seems to be more of a case of a defective unit being shipped to the customer than about the product itself.

There have been many users reviewing it on different platforms on the internet, and they all have nothing but good to say about the TS-590SG.

A Steal at This Price!

While we don’t say this often for a radio priced over $1,000, the TS-590SG is a worthy exception. It comes with some amazing features and incredible functionality, and its build quality and overall performance can very well give some of the much more expensive and premium radios a run for their money.

So if you’re looking for absolute high-end functionality without breaking the bank, know that you’re lucky to have found the TS-590SG.

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