Koolertron GH-CJDS66 60MHz DDS Signal Generator Review

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Koolertron has a reputation for offering some great products at surprisingly budget prices. However, the Koolertron GH-CJDS66 signal generator manages to be one of their better offerings even by their own standard.

If you’re looking for a highly functional signal generator without breaking the bank, you must stick around as we review the Koolertron GH-CJDS66 in detail.

Koolertron GH-CJDS66 60MHz DDS Signal Generator Features

Most customers that bought the Koolertron GH-CJDS66 are all praise for the kind of the performance it offers for the price. It’s easily the best signal generator for the price. In fact, many other signal generators in this price range from other brands do not even come close to competing with the Koolertron Upgraded on the performance front.

It’s probably the only signal generator in this price range to offer a max amplitude of 20V, although it’s limited to a frequency of up to 10MHz. Once you go beyond that frequency level, the amplitude would reduce to 10Vpp.

However, it’s still pretty good as almost all the other signal generators in this price range only offer 10V or 15V as the max amplitude, while you would get 20V with the Koolertron Upgraded for the most part.

The Koolertron GH-CJDS66 would great with devices like the CB radio and HAM radio, among others.

Impressive Accuracy

You would expect some issues with the accuracy given the modest price and the surprisingly good performance, but the Koolertron GH-CJDS66 turns out to be a winner on this front too.

The frequencies and impedance are as accurate as with the signal generators costing twice as much as the Koolertron GH-CJDS66. This signal generator is perfectly accurate with no inaccuracy issues whatsoever.

In addition, there’s also some great stability with the frequency and you would have no trouble getting the results you need without having to double-check anything.

Koolerton Gh Cjds66 ReviewAll-Round Functionality

The Koolertron GH-CJDS66 comes with many features that make it one of the most functional signal generators you would ever find in this price range.

The controls are very well-designed, functional and smooth. The display doesn’t have no problem and is great at this price.

The design and build quality don’t leave much to be desired too with a great stylish design and a solid build quality. The Koolertron GH-CJDS66 comes with high-quality chips so you can expect it to last you for a long time too.

More Pros

As we said above, the Koolertron GH-CJDS66 actually offers more featured than you would expect for the price. Some of its other features include:

  • Surprisingly (almost worryingly!) lightweight
  • A lot of testing and calibration being done by the manufacturer which shows in the accuracy and functioning of the device
  • Great intuitive interface makes everything very easy to use and operate; many customers don’t even need to read the manual
  • There’s a feature that allows you to save the settings and the Koolertron GH-CJDS66 would use the same settings when you start it again


We know many of the readers would be waiting for us to get to the cons as they would expect there might be some deal-breaker here given how much you’re getting at this price. However, there isn’t really much of a trade-off, as Koolertron really lives up to its hype of offering great products at modest prices.

Perhaps the only thing worth noting here is that the connectors seem to be a poor quality and can create some noise if there’s a lot of jiggling. However, they do their job well and aren’t a big worry.

Another minor thing here is that the Koolertron GH-CJDS66 easily glides when kept on a bench. But there’s a lot of room inside it to let you glue some weight there which will prevent it from gliding and keep it secured.

Amazing Buy!

Unless you’re looking to spend much more on a high-end signal generator, the Koolertron GH-CJDS66 is absolutely your best bet.

It comes with everything you would expect in a good signal generator, but it also offers a lot you wouldn’t expect at this price.

The Koolertron GH-CJDS66 manages to be great all-round and has managed to get a lot of glowing reviews from users that bought it, and you should do that too by clicking the yellow button below and ordering it on Amazon.

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