LIUMY Professional LED Handheld Oscilloscope Multimeter Review

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A multimeter can go a long way in helping you get more out of your devices and make them last longer in many cases.

It’s a particularly useful devices for radio enthusiasts but it could be just as useful for other users as well that are looking to understand and manage their devices better.

So with that said let’s find out what the LIUMY Professional has to offer.

LIUMY Professional Oschilloscope Multimeter Features

While you may not think that a multimeter at this price point could come with the versatility to help you accurately tune different devices, but surprisingly, it does.

Ranging from car audio systems to CB radios and HAM radios to inverters and more, you would be surprised at the range of device the LIUMY Professional has no problem tuning.

And as we mentioned, the accuracy is great with all types of devices.

It would become super easy and convenient to find the issues with your devices so that you can fix them. Many users mention about how it saved them a lot of money by helping them prevent the damage to expensive devices in their home which they would otherwise have to replace soon if not for the LIUMY showing them the exact issues.

Very Functional

We don’t like most multimeters that come with a lot of bells and whistles, simply because they are often okay-ish for a lot of small things but unimpressive for the primary objective they are supposed to serve.

However, the LIUMY Professional manages to be an exception here by coming with a fairly long list of features while also not compromising on its main features.

Some of its additional useful features include resistor checker, LED backlight, readout, fuse protection and more. The fact that you can use up to 1000V with a multimeter in this price range is impressive as well.

But the most impressive thing with the LIUMY Professional is the fact that it also comes with an oscilloscope function, which is almost impossible to find in this price range.

Sure, it isn’t exactly like how the ‘real’ oscilloscope function works and more of a voltage graph, but it’s still very useful and great to have at this price point.

Liumy Professional Led Handheld Oscilloscope Multimeter ReviewGreat Build Quality

The device is very sturdy and well-built. You can expect it to withstand a lot of rough use with ease.

The fact that you’re getting everything at this price point is a great deal. You would be hard-pressed to get more bang for your buck.

Other Pros

Ranging from the AC & DC voltage to the resistance to the AC & DC current and frequency, the range for all of them is pretty impressive for the price.

The storage isn’t anything to complain about as well, and you would be able to store 10 sets of waveforms and 100 sets of data.

The design is well-thought-out, there’s an automatic shutdown feature, auto-sleep mode and a silent mode as well.

It also works really well when it comes to figuring out the frequency to understand the exact point of clipping to be able to set the amp gains accordingly.


The LIUMY Professional is a great value for money, but it’s not perfect. For some reason, it doesn’t work as well for some users at 200V and they have to stick to using it at 1000V for most purposes.

Another issue some users complain about is that the display is on the smaller side and makes it hard to read things at times.

Finally, the instruction manual is a bit of a joke, and you shouldn’t expect much from it at all.

A Great Deal with Some Trade-Offs

To be honest, you can’t expect such a great accuracy with a useful bunch of features at this price point without any trade-offs whatsoever.

And while there are some genuine issues with the LIUMY Professional, they don’t take away much from the overall performance of the device and are very much manageable.

All in all, we think the LIUMY Professional is still a great buy if you can live with a couple minor issues especially if you’re not looking to spend well over $100 on a more expensive option.

So in that case, you would absolutely want to click on the big yellow button below and order the LIUMY Professional on Amazon right away.

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