MFJ-1795 Portable Multiband HF (10/15/20/40M) Antenna Review

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The MFJ-1795 is one of the more unique types of antennas. Unlike other Ham radio antennas, it’s designed to be use in areas where the use of antennas is restricted in some way.

It can be set up in different hiding spots like places behind trees, fences, building and even in bushes. It’s easily one of the best options in its category.

MFJ-1795 Portable Multiband HF Features

Let us walk you through some of its most important features and its pros and cons below.

Ideal for Antenna Restricted Areas

There aren’t many antennas out there that work well for areas where the use of antennas is restricted. However, the MFJ-1795 is particularly designed for such areas, and works really well at that.

It’s great for both permanent installation and portable operation. It’s easy to hide it at different places like trees, buildings, fences and more.

It’s not the tallest of antennas which helps here but that doesn’t come with a major compromise on the performance which is great.

Impressive Performance

The MFJ-1795 offers a great overall performance. It comes in an adjustable height of 7 to 10 feet, and manages to hit surprisingly faraway repeaters.

It’s omni-directional design is really helpful to improve the overall signal strength of your mobile Ham radio or even your other Ham radio for that matter.

Then there’s also the fact that it boasts a surprisingly low angle of radiation for DXing, which helps improve the overall performance quite a bit as well.

The radiation is present on the antenna from its top to its end, which helps pave the way for an impressively low SWR.

It’s one of the most efficient Ham radio antennas of its kind. It’s a multiband HF antenna and supports different HF bands including 10M, 15M, 20M and 40M bands.

Mfj 1795 Portable Multiband Hf AntennaConvenient to Use and Durable

The MFJ-1795 offers great convenience of use as well, thanks to its impressive design that allows you to mount it on the ground easily using an antenna base, or even other options like a ground rod or radial.

Similarly, it’s also possible to mount the MFJ-1795 on your roof just as easily with the use of radials.

In addition, the MFJ-1795 is also pretty durable, and would be able to withstand rough conditions with ease.


The MFJ-1795 is one of the few and one of the best two way radio antennas for regions where the use of antennas is restricted in some way.

It offers pretty much everything a high-end antenna does, but with a much better level of durability that helps it withstand the rough conditions in hiding spots like trees and fences.

It’s also fairly versatile as it offers an adjustable height, measuring between 7 feet to 10 feet. Despite not being very tall, it manages to offer a great overall performance.

It hits faraway repeaters pretty easily, while also improving the signal strength of your radio significantly.

Its low angle uniform radiation from top to end and low SWR greatly add to the overall performance as well. It’s an incredibly functional antenna for your radio designed for use in areas with antenna restrictions.

The durability is solid as well, and the omni-directional design works great at reaching signals and repeaters in all directions. It can handle up to 1.5kW, while supporting different HF bands including 10, 15, 20 and 40M.

All in all, you would be hard-pressed to find a better deal for the price.


There isn’t much to complain about the MFJ-1795. Yes, it isn’t the tallest antenna you will find out there, but given it’s designed to be used in hiding spots like behind trees and fences you can’t expect it to be very tall.

However, its relatively shorter length doesn’t take much away from its functionality, performance or its ability to hit faraway repeaters. It does these things pretty well.

That said, there is kind of a real con too. And it’s that the MFJ-1795 can be a bit difficult to set up.

However, this is mostly a one-time issue and once set up, it would probably hold up well for a long time.

MFJ-1795 Portable Multiband HF Review Conclusion

The MFJ-1795 would very well turn out to be your best bet if you’re looking for an omni-directional rock solid antenna that can withstand rough conditions and designed for use in areas where there are restrictions on the use of such antennas.

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