Mirkit Radio Baofeng UV-5R MK4 Review

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Finding a good two-way radio with all-round performance isn’t exactly difficult with all the options out there, but finding a good two-way radio on a tight budget most definitely is.

But if you have been frequenting our blog long enough, you probably already know that we have a habit of doing many difficult things to make our fellow amateur radio enthusiasts happy.

And that’s precisely what we will do in this post when we review the Mirkit Radio Baofeng UV-5R MK4 which is probably the best budget two-way radio on the market.

Mirkit Radio Baofeng UV-5R MK4 Features

One of the most impressive things about the UV-5R MK4 is that it offers the best of both worlds in the form of a surprisingly easy programming and a great overall performance.

In fact, we would say that it also offers the best of the third world as well given its incredibly cheap price tag.

We wonder if anyone can get on the UHF band for any cheaper than with the UV-5R MK4.

The programming is definitely a breeze, especially once you program it with the CHIRP. The performance after it’s programmed with CHIRP is really impressive for the price, and all the features work great after that.

However, you do need to download the CHIRP program.

Small and Functional

The UV-5R MK4 is one of the smallest two-way radios in terms of size, but it can give some of the much pricier and bigger ones a run for their money when it comes to the functionality.

With great, clear reception and impressive coverage in the mountains as well, the UV-5R MK4 delivers more than you would expect for the price.

The speaker may not be the best you can get but for the price it’s certainly very good and there are seemingly no issues whatsoever with the sound quality.

The battery life is pretty good too making it one of the more suitable radios for travel as well.

Some of the other notable features include the dual frequency display, dual standby and auto keypad lock.

Mirkit Radio Baofeng Uv 5r Mk4Packs a Lot of Power

If you thought the above was all the UV-5R MK4 has to offer, you’re in for another pleasant surprise here.

The UV-5R MK4 boasts 8W MP power too and also some impressive advanced features.

A particular user mentioned in their review that it can hit their local 2 meter repeater over 16 miles from their home, while another said it does the same for them but at over 30 miles away.

Lot of Pros for the Price

The UV-5R MK4 indeed offers a great value for money as it comes with some great pros at this price point.

We discussed how it’s one of the most powerful radios you can find in this price range, while the programming being very easy and helping unlock great performance from the device using the CHIRP program.

In addition, the reception and coverage in otherwise difficult-to-reach areas is also impressive, while the build quality and battery life further add to the overall functionality and value you get.


While not exactly a con, something you must definitely keep in mind while using the UV-5R MK4 is that you cannot legally use it without the FCC Technician License. Similarly, some of the frequencies you can use with this device are illegal for everyone except the Aviators.

The airband is another area to be careful about as although you can use it without any potential legal issues but it would be illegal to transmit on it.

While many of you may know this information already you may still want to be careful especially if you have kids at home that tend to play around with your other devices like your HAM radio or CB radio and might want to try their hand at the UV-5R MK4 too.

For the price, you wouldn’t want to complain about anything else except perhaps the fact that it doesn’t include a USB cable but that again brings us back to the price.

Amazing Deal!

The UV-5R MK4 is a great two-way radio for beginners and advanced users alike, especially if they are on a budget. You probably wouldn’t be able to find a radio in this price range that manages to offer more than what you would expect on pretty much all fronts.

The extra power and ease of programming with an incredible overall performance is certainly worth way more than its modest price tag.

If I were you, I would click on the yellow button below and order the UV-5R MK4 on Amazon in a heartbeat.

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