Mirkit Radio Baofeng UV-82 MK5 Review

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We are usually wary of reviewing very cheap radios on our blog as they often have quality or other issues, but every once in a while we find something that’s a great exception and offers an amazing value instead of just being another cheap radio.

And that’s precise why we are reviewing the Mirkit UV-82 MK5. It’s one of the best radios we have ever reviewed under $50, and certainly worth your attention if you’re looking for a budget two-way radio.

So with that said, let’s get down to work.

Mirkit Radio Baofeng UV-82 MK5 Features

If you’re wondering whether you’re really getting 8W at this price, then let us assure you that you’re indeed getting the 8W as advertised on the product’s Amazon listing.

This is obviously great for the price, as even some of the other two-way radios that promise 8W only end up offering around 7.4W at the most.

The signal coverage is actually even better, and it would easily cover all the area if you use a local repeater.

The reception overall is very impressive and the UV-82 MK5 has no problem receiving NOAA weather.

Super Easy to Work with Chirp

Mirkit makes it surprisingly easy to install special firmware to make the UV-82 MK5 work with Chirp. You get very detailed instructions from Mirkit that helps you complete the process in a matter of a few minutes and without multiple attempts.

If you have tried to do this with some other radios you own, you know how much of a headache it can be without enough help from the manufacturer.

Mirkit Radio Baofeng Uv 82 Mk5 ReviewImpressive All-Round

For the price, the UV-82 MK5 impresses on every front.

In addition to what we discussed above, the UV-82 MK5 also offers a surprisingly good audio quality, and the build quality doesn’t leave anything to be desired as well.

The TX/RX quality is another factor you will be pleased with. Some users are also all praise for some of the radio’s additional features like the dual watch and dual PTT.

Some users also made some detailed comparisons of the UV-82 MK5 with some of the other similar radios they own and mentioned how the former outperforms their other radios despite being priced the same or lower than them.

Another radio enthusiast with a lot of experience with HAM radios and other radios mentioned in their review how they are replacing all their other radios with the UV-82 MK5 and have already bought 6 units so far.


As you can tell, the UV-82 MK5 comes with a fair few pros that make it a great buy for the price.

While the 8W power is one of the best things about it, the overall reception and signal coverage is just as impressive too.

The customer service is another area that will leave you impressed and it does matter when you have to install special firmware.

Installing the firmware and using the UV-82 MK5 with the Chrip would be a breeze with the UV-82 MK5 thanks to the great support you get from Mirkit.

The battery life is pretty good too and lasts quite a while even when using the radio on high power.

The other features are better than what you would expect as well including the sound quality and build quality.


Frankly speaking, there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the UV-82 MK5 and it would be really unfair if we go nitpicking after considering the amazing value it offers at this price point.

Of course, there’s the thing that you need to be aware of all the FCC rules and follow them as the UV-82 MK5 is a full HAM radio and you need to be a little careful when using it to avoid getting into any legal trouble.

A No-Brainer!

We can’t believe you’re getting so much for under $50. We usually wouldn’t be too confident of a two-way radio being sold this cheap but Mirkit has a reputation for pleasantly surprising its customers and it sure does with the UV-82 MK5.

There’s absolutely nothing to complain about the UV-82 MK5 and it has managed to impress both beginners and advanced radio users alike including those with years or decades of experience with CB radios and HAM radios.

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